Wedding Dresses for the Fashionable Bride


weeddingdress The big day is approaching and you still have not chosen your dress. With so many styles to choose from, it’s no wonder today’s brides often become overwhelmed by their options. There are hundreds of different wedding dress styles and just as many wedding dress designers.

While every bride wants to purchase a gown that reflects her own personal style, she also wants to remain up to date and fashionable, which is why designer gowns are so popular today.

Not too long ago, wedding gowns were all similar…simple and straight. Today brides go all out with accessories, patchwork, glitz, and glamour, transforming an average bride into anything but simple.

A popular choice for brides is the ‘cake’ dress. Sleek and form fitting on the top, the cake dress exposes the bride’s breasts and trunk, while the lower part is wide and flowing with soft, thick material. Specialized rims are often attached at the hem to provide the ultimate width. This style works well on any body type.

Similar to the sleek dresses of yesterday, another popular style today is the sleek, straight, silk dress. This ultra feminine gown is very elegant and looks great on tall, thin brides. Shorter and heavier brides would do better avoiding this clingy gown, as it is not very forgiving to less than perfect figures.

The most significant change in fashion is the addition of patchwork, a necessity on all wedding dresses today. For the ‘cake’ style, a simpler lower half works well with a patch worked top part of the dress. Straighter styled gowns, because of their simplicity, look nice with both the top and bottom halves of the dress adorned in patchwork.

Silk is by far the most popular material used in wedding gowns today. A versatile material, silk luxuriously drapes the body and creates varying effects depending on the way it falls.

The down side to this fabric is that it is very sensitive to positioning and is susceptible to creasing. If your wedding will be more of a sit-down brunch rather than an evening of dancing, this dress may not be the best choice for you.

To complete your wedding day ensemble, be sure to choose appropriate shoes to complement your wedding dress. Add some flair to your wedding day ensemble with shoes that have patchwork or ribbon embellishments.

While white is still the only truly acceptable color for a wedding, if you want to spice it up a little and stand out from the crowd, consider a dress or shoes that are adorned with golden patchwork detailing.

Above all else, it is imperative that you choose a wedding dress that you absolutely love. It is the most memorable day of your life, and the dress you choose should make you look and feel like the princess you are.