Wedding Destination – Costa Rica


If you and your significant other are going to tie the knot and are looking for a destination to exchange vows and spend your wedding day – consider the beautiful Costa Rica. The beautiful area is carved out from oceans with crystal clear water, warm ocean breezes and miles and miles of white, sandy beaches. When it comes to romance, Costa Rica has nothing but the best to offer.

Costa Rica has the best of the best to offer in wedding destinations. Whatever time of year you are going to plan your wedding, Costa Rica will not disappoint. With over 65% of Costa Rica’s borders being made up of coastline, you will not have to search for a beachfront location to celebrate your special day. In fact, you will not have to go more than 75 miles in any direction to find beautiful white, sandy beaches at your fingertips. In addition to the coastlines and beachfront shores, Costa Rica is rich with tropical forests and natural hot springs. You and your new mate can explore the tropical forest together and relax by sunset in the relaxing hot springs.

Planning a destination wedding in Costa Rica can be a wonderful way to exchange your vows and proclaim your love for each other. With tropical flowers, beautiful sunsets and breathtaking views, Costa Rica can give you a location like no other when it comes to celebrating your wedding day. The rich Island culture of Costa Rica will shower you and your new mate with arrangements of colorful, tropical flowers, exotic foods and hospitality that will make you never want to leave.

You can arrange your whole ceremony on the beautiful sandy shores, from exchanging vows to your honeymoon suite. Costa Rica offers classy honeymoon suites that will cater to the individual needs of the couple. You will receive complimentary champagne, customized service and the best that the natives have to offer. You will never want to leave Costa Rica, and perhaps will come back to celebrate your upcoming anniversaries and renew your vows.