Wedding and Marriage Invitation Cards


invitation-card Marriage is the most basic of all social institutions. During a wedding a pledge is made to the one you are marrying before many people. The seriousness of this pledge is the reason why many relatives and friends are invited to be present during the wedding ceremony.

If you are the bridegroom or the bride or you are the one responsible for the organization of the wedding, you need to exercise good judgment as to when you send the cards so that they can be delivered on time.

For you to make the cards, some things should be in place. You should have the details of the wedding – time, place, and the most important of all the date. When you have all this information, you can then proceed to make the guest list.

The design of both the card and the envelope is the next thing to consider. You have to choose the format before you write the text. Well designed cards are rare. You have to do all these things at least four months before the date of the ceremony, if you want to avoid being in a tight fix.

When the card is done and the list is ready, you can start sending the invitations. There is a convention that the guest should receive the cards at least eight weeks before the weeding.

It used to be six weeks but the current convention has now become the accepted standard. This is because people are becoming busier and therefore need a long time to fit things in their schedules.

For that matter, the list should be finalized at least four months before the wedding. Collecting phone numbers and postal addresses from invited guests is not an easy task. There are people who want the guests’ names printed on the envelops. The other way is to have the names calligraphed.

You have to mail cards to those who live out of town first. You also need to give information about directions to the wedding. You must inform the caterers three or four weeks before the day of the wedding. It is good to contact the caterers after confirmations.

Remember that you will have to distribute thank you cards after the wedding. This should be done on your behalf anyway.