Ways To Wake A Child Up In The Morning

wake your child up in the morning

wake your child up in the morning For many parents waking a child up in the morning is one of the toughest jobs of any given day. Parents of kids, who do not want to get out of their beds early morning, have to put on a lot of effort and energy to wake the kids up.

Many times kids remain cranky for a long time after waking up in the morning. They may start crying, behave irritably or may throw tantrums right away. And often waking up such a child and handling the crankiness makes the parents irritable too, sometimes for the entire day. Thus, many parents would want to know how to handle this problem.

Many suffering parents want to discover a way so that their little prince or princess wakes up in the morning all smiles and gets going. After all what better way can it be to start a day than seeing your child wake up early morning with a cute bent on his/her lips? So, here we provide some tried and tested ways to wake a child up in the morning. These mentioned ways are very much effective and have relieved quite a few parents in distress.

Use the Good Old Alarm Clock

With many kids the problem of waking up is nothing but a lack of practice of waking up at a certain time. This problem can be sorted out by the use of alarm clocks. Many parents have used this technique and have been benefited to a large extent. You can try to keep the alarm clock at a distance from the bed so that your child has to get up from the bed and go till the spot and put the alarm off.

This does work and helps the child wake up. But many times the ring of alarm clocks is very annoying and may make the child cranky, especially if your child is very young. This alarm system works better with kids who are a little grown up. Though, nowadays many options are available and you can easily avoid the alarms with an annoying sound or ring. You can find alarm clocks with music, the voice of a cartoon character or other fun rings.

Using such alarm clock ensures that your child does not get up from the bed with a disgust in his face because of the sudden and irritating alarm tone. You can also try to get your child an alarm clock with a natural light system. These alarm clocks light up the room at the onset of the alarm and thus are really effective in ending your child’s sleeping session in the morning.

Start the Day With Fun

We all would love to see our little ones wake up in a jolly and bright mood. For that if you have to put on a little effort, guess it would not be much of a big deal. So start your kid’s day with some fun. Do some activity which is funny and entertaining. It can be silly too. But who cares if that helps you to wake your child up at the right time and that too with laughs and giggles.

You can try to introduce some funny and weird dance as the first thing to do in the routine. You can ask your kids to join in the dance too. Enacting a cute animal with or without the help of a soft toy can also be a great fun way of waking your child up. That would be a real good way of waking your little ones and starting the day. Children of younger age would respond more quickly to this sort of waking up technique. Though, some kids who are a little grown up respond to funny or silly things well too.

Throw A Challenge

Every person of every age loves challenges. We love to prove what we can and sometimes go beyond our normal capacity while trying to win over the challenge thrown to us. Therefore, if you challenge your kids in the right manner they would gobble it up and your difficult job of waking them up would become a cakewalk. So put up a challenge in front of them with something like “let’s see how early you can wake up and get ready for school”.

tips to wake your child up in the morning

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This would create an enthusiasm in the kids and they would do the boring job of getting up and getting ready with interest. For motivating them further you can also let them know that if they win the challenge then they would be suitably rewarded. Even if the prize for winning the challenge is a petty or simple thing, they would be delighted and motivated.

Shower Love And Affection

Some kids simply love to be loved. They feel good and confident if their parents express their affection to them every now and then. For parents with such kids it is an easy way to wake a child up bright and all smiles in the morning. All you need to do is get into the bed of your child, take him in your arms, cuddle him and ask him to wake up in gentle and loving ways.

You can sing a song with rhyming words for the same or just talk to the child in a soft manner urging him to wake up. Being a little playful and tickling the child are good ways which would give you the opportunity to see your child wake up in a lovely and bright mood. It is important that you sound and look bright and cheerful while waking your child up. This does affect the mood of the child and sets his mood for the rest of the day.

Break the Silence With Music Or Television Sound

Every kid has a favorite song or a favorite television show. These songs and shows are so preferred by them that they can easily sacrifice their sleep for hearing or watching them. So all you need to do is switch on the television or play the song and let the sound of his favorite cartoon character or music enter his ears. He would soon jump out of his bed. But make sure that you don’t push him or nag him to get ready soon after that.

Let him enjoy the reason for abandoning his bed and sleep for a few minutes. You can also try to wake him up by playing any soft but merry music. Make sure that the music is easy on the ears. Along with playing the music you can also pull out the curtains of the room so that natural light enters the room. The light however should light the room only and not fall directly on the delicate eyes of your little sweetheart.

Ask Your Little One to Help You Out

Some kids feel good if they can do some work and help their parents. They feel valued and important if they are involved in any work or decision making process. Utilize this to wake your child up in the morning with almost nil effort from your side.

Just ask the child the night before or early morning (depending on when your child responds better) that you need his help to do some particular work. This work can be a trifle thing like helping you make the breakfast, feeding the dog or even deciding on what to make for the breakfast.

While you use these tips to wake your prince or princess early morning, make sure that the child has had enough rest and sleep. Or else the child not only will be cranky after waking up but will also feel tired through out the day. So make a good practice of sending the child early to bed and possibly at the same time every night so that he gets into the habit of waking up at the same time every morning and also gets the required amount of sleep.