Ways to Treat Constipation


constipationbowl There are a huge number of people who are affected by constipation. The number of people affected by this condition in the United States is on the rise every year.

Constipation results in very painful passing of stools as they are extremely hard. The cure is to make people pass stools that are softer. Various ways to do so are listed below:

Water intake should be increased. A minimum of eight glasses of water should be consumed daily. General intake of fluids should also increase. You should consume foodstuffs that have more fiber content.

You can also consume the different types of laxatives that you can get in any drugstore. The initial step that a person suffering from constipation should take is to consume more liquids. The next is to change the diet. This will set right the problem. If it does not work out, then one has to use the laxatives sold in the pharmacy to set right the bowel movements.

You should consult a professional in case your bowel movement is still not right and you have persistent stomach pain. There can be a lot of diseases that can cause constipation.

For instance, there is something called bowel obstruction which will cause constipation and that needs professional help to set right. If have been suffering from constipation for a very long time, then you have to consult your doctor and take appropriate treatment.

Your doctor will mostly advise you to increase the intake of fiber and will also ask you to consume more of vegetables, wheat bran, fruits and similar kinds of food, which are full of fiber.

Professionals advise exercise to treat and to avoid constipation. Exercise not only prevents you from getting constipation, it is good for general well-being, too. Some people who have had constipation for a very long time might also have been taking laxatives for a long time.

It might sometimes be so long that it is impossible for them to have a bowel movement without the help of laxatives. This is why it is advisable to eat good food that is rich in fiber, consume more liquids and exercise regularly rather than becoming a slave to these laxatives.

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