Ways To Spend A Romantic Weekend Together

plan a romantic weekend

plan a romantic weekend After years of marriage or living together, the madness, the passion, the obsession seem to evaporate away from the relationship. Even the once most romantic couple face the same story in the later part of their life.

But does that mean the love has all gone? Does that mean relationship has become a sort of “taken for granted”? It is not exactly something like hat. Let us try to analyze this by a practical experience.

Anna and Johan had been referred to as “love birds” during their high school days. They seemed to remain mesmerized in each others charm. This evergreen warmth followed them when they were in their graduate studies too. Later it even had a spell on them when they were working and started to live together. This tremendous passion of togetherness continues to hint its presence quite strongly. Thus they decided that they indeed need to bind their lives happily with each other and so entered wedlock.

Today’s scenario is a bit different though. Although they are still mad about each other but now the family responsibilities, professional commitments hardly leave any time to show each other this obsession. Hence, love is still there, warmth and passion still hold their places, but it seems that a thin film of dust has accumulated on them.

Therefore, the importance of planning a romantic weekend is of utmost important. It rejuvenated back the suppressed zeal for each other. It also makes the marriage even more strong and the best part of the couple’s life. Not only this, it also has a positive effect on the professional, corporate and other commitments of life by implanting the freshness to start everything after a relaxing break.

Make a planning

Make a prior planning beforehand as to how you are going to spend your weekend. Do not leave everything to be decided later and end up in a mess. Never plan a half day either. Dedicate the whole day to your love life and cancel any official or formal meetings. Rather sit together and sort out such a weekend which you apprehend can be left free from any other commitments, since work is important but not as important as your family life and love.

In case you generally take home your pending projects and work from office to complete in the weekend, or those of the working women who basically choose weekends to complete some obvious domestic works at home during weekends, spare this weekend at least. Either complete it before hand or simply put it on the shelf, to complete in some other suitable time. Do this simply for the sake of love.

When choosing to go for a short tour

In case you wish to go for a short tour, choose a nearby destination so that you do not have to spend long hours in the journey which might leave you travel sick. The main motive behind such a tour is to ensure you enjoy each others togetherness rather than going for a usual sight seeing.

Never chose a relative’s or a friend’s home for your tour. You will just get deviated from your motive of staying together. Rather you will end up in collecting together a group of other people too, who are simply “alien” in your relationship. In the similar way, never insist on including any of your family members, how much close the person may be to you, or a bosom friend or his or her family either.

Choose a calm and serene spot that will revitalize you and add up to your romanticism. A beautiful tourist spot that is generally freed from too much hush and rush of tourists, a seaside or a forest will be a good idea. The picturesque beauty will spur up your romanticism further.

Romantic weekend ideas at home

Those of you, who plan and prefer to spend a romantic weekend with each other at the privacy of home, ensure that you create the proper ambiance conducive of romanticism and love in the presence of each other only.

Inform those of your friends or relatives, who generally visit you frequently, that you are going out of station in that weekend. Though it is a lie but a lie is sometimes beneficial, especially when it comes to spending quality time with each other.

Another most important thing that you will have to ensure is that your house maids and servants leave a bit early that weekend after completing their work. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy yourselves fully. In case you have a full time servant, instruct him or her to complete the wok early in the morning and give the servant a day off. It might so happen that part of your regular work falls pending, but how does that matter? It is the question of a single day, so its just not a big deal!

Create the necessary ambiance at home that inspires your senses to become romantic. Spread soft satin linen on to your bed in soft pastel shades or vibrant stimulating colors, whatever might be your tastes. Use fresh flowers in the vase kept at the living room, beside your bedside table and on the dining table. If you are over enthusiastic, hang a few rose or other flower strands from hooks and curtain rods in your bedroom, together with spreading rose petals on your bed.

Make a prior arrangement of a good quality wine beforehand. It might even be so that many of you do not drink, but what is the harm in instigating the “devil” in you once in a while and be outrageously romantic? Together with this keep enough supply of chocolates too. It is an aphrodisiac food that is said to instigate your senses. Work together on this and it will be more effective.

Make arrangements for food that both of you love to eat in the lunch and in the dinner. You can both work at cooking it at home together or ordering it from the place which might be one of your favorite eateries.

At the end, indulge in foreplay and a warm sexual encounter with each other.

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