Ways To Respond To An Apology In A Relationship

Ways To Respond To An Apology In A Relationship

Ways To Respond To An Apology In A Relationship It takes courage on both the sides to offer an apology and accept it to usher in a new beginning. When life throws an unexpected challenge at us, it is hard to see the purpose and meaning behind it.

We start playing victim by looking at it from a narrow perspective. Who knows if it was a learning lesson to make us grow wiser in life? Human mind is the source of all good and evil in this world. Our relationship with friends and family members make us learn every important chapter in this life. It is a two-way track. We need to help others so that they can stand by us. The cycle continues till the end. There is something bigger than just giving and receiving here. It is about showing all the trust and faith when darkness seems to be casting frightening shadows all over them.

How to respond to an apology in a relationship? It is one of the similar situations. There would be a constant war going on between mind and heart. You would be asked to contemplate the whole situation. You should end up standing on the winning side.

Not Looking At It From The Present Point Of View Alone

The justice should be done! Moreover, there should not be a wrong judgment made here. There are few things to be taken into consideration in order to look beyond what the circumstantial evidence is pointing at.

You should look at the nature of apology made. It tells a lot about the state of mind. You can figure out that how much the person is sorry for and how far he or she is willing to sacrifice to be forgiven here. Your decision would be made easier by checking all these things in detail. There is a difference between making an apology and trying to make an apology.

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Practice Honesty

You can either accept the apology or abandon the person depending on the situation. It differs from one case to another. You would only be able to make the right decision by being honest here. Your decision should not be based on out of hatred and doing the same what he or she did to you.

This is only going to inflict more pain on you. This is the best way to respond to an apology in a relationship.

Thinking Logically Than Acting Impulsively

You cannot end any relationship without thinking about all the possible options first. We all know that decisions made in the heat of moment often make us feel sorry in the end. It does not do any justice to either one of us.

You should respond to an apology by looking at the history of the relationship. Every relationship has its own share of good and bad moments. We need to sit down and ask ourselves that are we going to lose more or get something back by accepting the apology. You need to be bit selfish and take every step cautiously here.

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