Ways To Nurture a Relationship

nurture a relationship

Getting into a relationship is very easy and looks great initially. But to keep a relationship alive is a task on which you have to work every single day. A relationship demands a lot from you. To keep the fire burning, even small things contribute. Your little efforts in a day to day life can either make or break a relationship.

Money: As they say, money is a root of all evils in the world. So always keep matters related to money clear. If one of the partners is unscrupulous, it becomes very difficult to earn back the trust in your relationship.

Sex: It is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Always try to keep the fire burning. A sexless marriage / relationship extinguishes very fast. Try to renew your sex life and keep the interest alive in each other.

Never insult or shout at your partner in public. Always respect your partner as treating each other respectfully is the basis of any relationship.
Help each other in household chores, laundry, dishwashing etc. Share your responsibilities.

Always follow the guidelines which you have set for your partner.

Talk and listen. Never hold any grudges or resentment. Remember, communication is the key. Do not hold any pain or anger inside you. Sharing your thoughts and talking can solve many issues.

Spare time for each other. Dine out, go for shopping, clubbing etc. Plan activities that you can enjoy together.

You have to work hard to keep your relationship alive. Never take your partner for granted as it diminishes the chemistry that you share. Keep the romance alive.

Even small things like holding hands, kiss, offering help when required can make your partner feel special. Always be there for each other. Learn something new together. Take dance classes, sports or anything you like.

Jealousy and over possessiveness can kill a relationship. Let the past remain a past. There is no point in bringing it up again and again.
If you are in touch with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend, stop it before it kills your relationship because nobody likes it if their partner has feelings for their ex.

Always remember that our every action can either pull our partner closer or pushes them further away.

Chhavi Khullar