Ways to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationship

We came in this world alone and are going to die alone but during our lifetime we are never alone. Throughout our lifetime we are always associated with the other people in the form of our friends or relatives with whom we maintain some kind of relationship.

We maintain two different types of relationships. The first one is what we get by birth, e.g. your family and close relatives. The second one is what we develop ourselves that is friendship. The first type of relationship is in most cases difficult to maintain as we are forced upon this relation whether we like them or not. The second type is our own creation and it is our responsibility how we develop it or break it.

The following lines will give you some tips to maintain or grow any relationship.

Accept your friends just as they are with all their shortcomings. Remember, every person is a unique individual and they have their own good as well as bad qualities. If you don’t like any aspect of your friend, use tact to point out his/her weakness in such a way that the other person’s ego is not hurt.

Allow them to make their own decisions. Never impose your own decisions with force. If you think they are making a wrong decision, you can politely tell them about your opinion as to how you would act in a similar situation.

Always be available at the time when they really need you. Even if at any time in the past, you were in need and they were not available, forgive them for not being helpful as they may have genuine reasons.

Always appreciate whatever they do for you. Acknowledge their achievements. A few kind words of appreciation helps wash out any bitterness they may have developed for your past actions or words.Never be a critic of any of their action or behavior especially in presence of a third person. It will hurt their ego. This is the enemy No. 1 of any relationship.

Always be honest and open hearted in your relationship. Leave aside cheating, you should avoid keeping anything secret as sooner or later the secrets will always come out in open and you hurt the other person for showing lack of trust and end up losing a relationship.