Ways to convince your child to brush his/her teeth


childbrush It is extremely challenging to have your child perform several things that you ask him or her to perform. Often the children exhibit a sudden unwillingness to brush their teeth. But as we all know, it is necessary to brush the teeth to keep them healthy. How can you convince your child to brush his/her teeth?

Here are certain ways, which you can follow to convince your child to brush his/her teeth:

Allow your little darling to pick out brush and toothpaste

All the children undergo a childhood phase when they prefer to do all the things on their own. They even try to control things that they will not be able to do.

So just by allowing your kid to pick up brush and toothpaste, which he/she desires in the store, removes away more than 80% struggle. As you allow the child to select the brush and toothpaste he/she prefers, he/she will be more interested in brushing teeth.

Brush your teeth with your toddler

There are many people, who believe that modeling is the secret to success, with any sort of noncompliant behavior and brushing your teeth is in no way different from this. If you teach your child the importance of brushing and do the same with them, they will certainly get convinced to brush on regular basis.

Allow them to brush their teeth on their own

There are kids, who are not comfortable with the process of their guardians brushing their teeth. May be these children think that their parents are brushing their teeth in the wrong manner.

However, the children being too young cannot express their discomfort in words. Hence, it is better that you allow your kids to brush their teeth on their own. If you think that they are not brushing their teeth in the proper manner, ask them to brush their teeth many times a day.
Allow your kids to brush your teeth first

Another method to convince your kid to brush his/her teeth is to allow him/her to brush your teeth first. You can always ask them to go gentler, harder or faster on your teeth. This will also teach them the proper way of brushing teeth.