Vitiligo – A skin disorder


Skin is a sense organ of our body. It not only keeps our body intact but also helps in protecting our body from various diseases. There are many people who are having different skin infections or skin disorders. One common skin disorder that is found quite common is white patches on skin. This skin disorder takes place due to loss of skin’s pigmentation from a particular area. This skin disorder is named as leucoderma which refers to the whitening of the skin. The other name of it is vitiligo. These white patches generally occur on those areas of the body which are commonly exposed to sun. White patches occur on those areas of the skin which fails to produce melanin. Melanin is a pigment which is responsible for natural skin color. The commonly infected areas of the body include arms, hands, lips, face and some times armpits also.

There are various factors which are responsible for these white patches on skin. According to dermatologists, they are caused because of high mental stress and a continuous disturbance in mind. They can be caused because of any earlier burn injury. The other causes are chronic gastric problem, parasites living in alimentary canal, impaired hepatic function and typhoid fever etc. Heredity can also be one of the factors for causing vitiligo. People suffering from it may go through stress and strain because of their appearance.

At the start of this disease only a small white spot appears on any part of the body. After few days it slowly develops into a patch. It becomes whiter and whiter as it progresses. After some time these patches enlarge and merge in one another to form a bigger and wider patch.

If you are struggling with this skin disorder, do not worry as there are various effective herbal and home treatments available to get rid of this skin disorder. Some of them are discussed below:

If you are afflicted with this type of skin condition, then you should take a strict salt free diet as it helps in enhancing the recovery period. Make bitter vegetables a part of you diet like bitter gourd. Avoid yourself from any stress both mentally and physically. Avoid excessive heat and keep your skin away from sun exposure.

There are various herbs available which helps in curing this disease like mustard and turmeric oil. Radish or tamarind seeds, vinegar etc. One should drink fruits and vegetable juice as much as possible and should eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, meal bread to make sure of the complete healing from this skin disorder. After all you need best skin, so go for it now!

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