Vitamins Are Essential For Healthy Hair

Vitamins For Hair control

Vitamins For Hair control In today’s fast paced world, people tend to forget that good nutrition is essential for the body and the hair. Just like for proper body functioning, vitamins are needed, similarly for healthy hair and hair growth, vitamins are essential.

Hair is made from protein and thus, a nutritious and vitamin rich diet is important for hair growth. The first striking thing about the appearance of a person is the hair and it is also a reflection of the personality. Long hair always looks gorgeous and makes heads turn. Thus, it is always important for one to care for their hair. Eating healthy is one of the most important ways to keep your hair healthy and promote its growth.

A Balanced Diet is Essential

A balanced diet rich in vitamins and proteins can help one grow their hair healthy and long. The vital nutrient for fast hair growth includes vitamin B, proteins, folic acid, biotin, zinc, niacin and iron. The proper supply of these factors can help in the healthy growth of hair.

Poor intake as well as excess intake of these vitamins may also have a negative effect on the health of the hair.Nowadays, people prefer eating junk food and fast food which has low nutrition content and this dampens hair growth. These foods though are delicious to eat but are as harmful as any other chemical.

Hair needs all the essential vital nutrients for its growth. Nutritious food is essential to keep the body healthy and similarly, hair also needs a vitamin rich diet. It is a proven fact that hair grows about half an inch in a month and thus for proper growth of hair a healthy food is recommended.

Eating a full diet that contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats are the vital nutrients important for the hair growth. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, chicken, eggs, yogurt, lentils, walnut, sweet potatoes etc. are rich in these vital nutrients. Calcium sources like dairy products are also a key component for hair growth. So, eat healthy to grow your hair healthy.

The Essential Vitamin B

The essential vitamin required for hair growth is Vitamin B. There are eight types of B vitamins. They are Vitamin B1, B3, B2, B7, B6, B5 B12 and B9. All these vitamins are water soluble and are also called as vitamin B complex.

Essential Vitamins For healthy hair


Vitamin B7, also known as Biotin is very important for hair. Biotin is one of the most important vitamins which can straighten the hair. It helps one to increase the rate of their hair growth and results in thicker hair with more volume. It also helps to straighten the hair. Biotin also helps to produce fatty acids.

Milk, butter, fish, meat and green leafy vegetables are the natural sources of biotin supply. Vitamins play the most important role in growth of one’s hair. The quality, texture and volume of the hair are most important aspects of an individual’s hair. Expensive chemical treatments may damage your hair but having a vitamin rich diet is cost efficient and also healthy for your hair.

The Other Vitamins

Besides Vitamin B, Vitamin A is also essential for hair growth. This is an antioxidant which helps in the production of sebum and prevents hair loss. Besides Vitamin A, Vitamin C is also an antioxidant and important to have healthy hair and skin. For enhancing the circulation in the scalp, Vitamin E is very important.

The Important Zinc

Vitamins for hair

Zinc also plays an important role in the hair growth cycle. Zinc helps in increasing the immunity of the body and its deficiency might result in greater hair loss and hair thinning. Zinc also improves the circulation of blood in the body which is essential for the healthy growth of hair.

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Hair Loss

Hair fall or hair loss is one of the biggest hair problems faced by men and women today. Any deficiency of vitamins for hair in a person is reflected first through the hair. Hair loss can happen due to deficiency of nutrition, intake of excessive medicines or usage of harmful chemicals on hair. Natural treatment for hair is always a better solution for hair fall.

Have a Healthy Hair

Besides having the essential vitamins for hair there are some things which can be done to have healthy and lustrous hair. One should clean the hair with a gentle bristle hair brush or comb. One should have food rich in proteins and vitamins. Oiling the hair properly before washing is also very helpful. Besides the above using a good shampoo and conditioner is also helpful.

Scalp Care

In terms of hair care, scalp care is also an important aspect because, hair growth starts within the scalp. If the scalp is healthy then the hair will also be healthy. The hair takes all the essential nutrients beneath the scalp to grow itself. Hair follicles are present beneath the scalp while the outer growth is the hair shaft.

The hair actually does not grow on the outer side. It starts growing from inside and this is why the vitamins for hair play a major role.Keeping the scalp clean is very important. Shampoo helps in scalp and hair cleaning. Shampoo helps in removal of dirt, sweat and excess oil and prevents the hair damage. Shampoo molecules attract the dirt particles and this dirt is removed when the hair is rinsed with water. Using conditioners after shampoo helps in softening of hair. This gives shine to the hair.

A vitamin rich diet and proper care of hair can help in having long lustrous hair which will surely enhance the way one looks. In the daily routine of life, one tends to compromise on their diet which affects hair growth.

Thus, it is recommended to take vitamin supplements which will avoid all kinds of hair problems and not only help in proper hair growth but also have healthy and beautiful hair. The intake of all essential vitamins for hair will solve most of the hair problems and definitely enhance the way one looks.

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