Vitamin D protects from cancer


Washington – According to the latest research it has been seen that vitamin D or calciferol helps in protecting our body from cancer. It protects healthy prostrate cells from the stress that can eventually cause cancer. It works by inducing a specific gene to perk up the specific enzyme.

Researches carried out at University of Rochester Medical Center showed that calciferol or vitamin D could also e used for preventing prostrate cancer. As per their spokes man “Our findings reflect what we see in those studies and demonstrate that vitamin D not only can be used as a therapy for prostate cancer, it can prevent prostate cancer from happening.”

The vitamin D or calciferol used in the study is 1, 25-hydroxylvitamin D3, the most powerful and dynamic form of vitamin D present in our body. Non-malignant human prostate epithelial cells also were put into use.

The Normal metabolism that takes place in cells generates reactive oxygen class (ROS), molecules of peroxide, for instance, or more popularly known as the free radicals. These substances can play a role in cell signaling and even execute bacteria.

Contact to certain chemicals or forms of radiation can generate high levels of reactive oxygen class that can harm DNA and play a important role in speeding aging or causing cancer.

“If you reduce DNA damage, you reduce the risk of cancer or aging,” Lee commented.

Larger doses of vitamin D or calciferol should not be taken with no medical consent, she added.

The main mechanism pathway that it uses is G6PD pathway, Lee said. The scholars did not find any comparable activity in prostate cancer cells.

“Vitamin D or calciferol does not protect cancer cells from injury or damage, that is good,” Lee said.
The research is available in the International Journal of Cancer.


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