Vintage Home Decorating Ideas

Ideas For Vintage Home decoration

Ideas For Vintage Home decoration Is your home interior missing the right look you want? If yes, then try vintage décor. It not only gives an elegant and classy look but also gives your home a unique feel as not many people choose this type of décor for their homes.

The most important step for vintage decoration of your home is planning the décor and finding a good source.

Tips To Decorate Home With Vintage Style


This is important because you obviously do not want to waste your time, money and energy hopping from shop to shop and buying a horde of things that may turn useless. For planning you must first look at every nook and corner of your home. You need not replace everything in your home for the vintage touch.

Some things can be revamped while some others can be simply shifted. For example, in your living room if you have an absolutely plain looking tea table, you may consider replacing it. However, you can simply give a fresh coat of varnish to the table and place an antique showpiece on the table.

This will add class to your room.  Thus simply planning will make your mission easier. You can refer the Internet and see how others have done their vintage décor. Once your plan is ready the next step is to go for shopping.


As mentioned before, the most important step in shopping is to find a good, reliable source. Find out a trustworthy antiques dealer in your area. For this, you can make good use of your local directory and the Internet.

Internet will give you not only the names and addresses of the dealers but also their reviews. You can also hunt the flea markets. However, they may not be authentic. Other options are thrift shops, car boot sales, vintage furnishing shops and vintage stores.

Vintage home decoration

No shopping is easy and quick to do. You have to be patient and keep a cool head. Chances are high that you may not get the right material at the first instance. Going to ten different shops may not yield satisfactory results. The key is patience. Wait and watch till you get the right material.

Have a list of things you want in your home such as an antique mirror, vintage table, chair etc. Such things are difficult to get. Since such items are hard to get, shop for them first and then move on to the easily available items. Arrange the shopping list in the descending order of availability starting with the ones that are difficult to get.

Stick to the list meticulously and think how badly you need every item before making the payment. This is very important because not just women but men also get carried away very easily during their vintage shopping spree.

Watch Out Items

Here is a small list of items that can be labelled as ‘watch out’ items. You must keep your eyes open for these items for they play a pivotal role in vintage décor.

Sofas And Chairs

Wooden sofas with delicate carvings would be ideal for your living room. An elegant armchair would give a very classy appeal to your study or library. Make your children’s bedroom a place for fun by having bubble chairs of the ‘60s. For the kitchen have really thrift high chairs which simply look great.

Vintage home decoration

Chairs and sofas are not only important in vintage décor but also convenient. They need not be updated regularly nor do they require any high degree of maintenance. All they need is some dusting regularly and a change of upholstery once in a while.


Antique bedding and cushions instantly give your house the vintage feel. Home-made, embroidered cushions on the surface not only make your house homely but also spell comfort in every corner. For your bedrooms you can have eiderdown which give the room a chintzy look. You must however choose good fabric and great colours to reflect your style, taste and personality.

Crockery And Glassware

Crockery on the kitchen table is a timeless beauty. The colour of the crockery must be in-line with the wall color of your kitchen. However, avoid dark colours like brown, purple and such shades. The best ones would be green, blue, and white. Choose a high quality ceramic and glass for the perfect look. Glassware isn’t normally too expensive and it is really classy. Therefore, choose them well and nicely.

Vintage home decoration

When you piece together your vintage décor you must also remember to keep it simple and humble. An overdone décor will make your place look too cluttered resembling a museum. Hence choose specific items that enhace your home and also look appealing.

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