Various Types Of Flooring For Your Home Decor

flooring for home

flooring for home When you decorate your house you can put your maximum efforts, beginning from the ceiling to the ground flooring. The ceiling must be attractively decorated with a lot of fittings and fixtures, like Plaster of Paris décor, colorful textured paint on the walls and fancy lightings.

You can also go for shiny and polished woodwork in the bedroom as well as other room. Designing your home takes a lot of time and requires a lot of effort. You have to be careful to choose your wallpapers, construction material and lights, amongst other things.

Though most of the people tend to ignore it but flooring is also one of the important aspects that demand your attention while planning your home décor. It is obvious that you would also go for attractive but comfortable flooring. When it comes to flooring there are multiple options available to you, each having its own set to advantages and disadvantages. There are a number of factor that have to be kept in mind in order to be sure that you have made the right selection.

How to choose flooring

The first and foremost thing to keep in consideration while choosing the flooring for your home is the right type of flooring that you prefer. Choosing is most important factor, which must be suitable enough for your decoration. This is the prime criterion to ensure that the kind of flooring you are planning to go for is in compatibility to your house, your taste and utility factor.

Just going by the looks will not be enough to meet your purpose as it must also be useful and have functional qualities. Apply you logical and analytical skills to judge the best option for your home.

If you think you will not be having much time to take care of your flooring, then go for such ones that does not require much of maintenance as well as it is durable. Such options may be like lamination and vinyl flooring. Your budget is also to be considered while you are deciding on the type of flooring for your home.

If there is a lot of frequency of people, coming in your home, then it is preferred that you must to go for laminated flooring. Carpet tiles are another good choice for this but it is a little expensive. So consider that point before taking your final decision.

Types of flooring

Various types of flooring are available, among them tile flooring is attractive, durable and easy to clean.

Stone flooring has been in use for quite a long time. Today, stone floors create a feeling of luxury. It can create a great formal look .stone floors are the most beautiful ones, the natural variation in color and pattern make stone floorings very attractive. They are very durable as well.

Tiles are another option. They are formed from blocks made of marble or stone chips embedded in concrete. The surface is polished. Clay has been used for floor tiles from ancient times. Today the clay can be processed in a number of different ways, thus creating several varieties of tiles. “Terrazzo” floor tiles or that made of terracotta are beautiful and easy to maintain.

Terracotta is clay that has been burnt during the preparation. They are not artificially colored but get colored by the burning process. The color can vary due to the mineral content of the soil but usually it has an orange tone. Terra cotta floor tiles absorb liquid, so they have to be treated before using them for indoor flooring.

Ceramic tile is made from the burning of soil at very high temperatures. A colored varnish is added after the process. Then the tile is burnt again, making the colors very vivid. This finally creates a dense tile that is quite resistant to moisture. These tiles are usually made from porcelain ceramic that can be formed into squares of less then two centimeters. These square tiles can be arranged to form a picture or a particular pattern.

These ceramic tiles are slippery in nature but very shinny and glossy. They stain easily. So before using those for flooring consider the negative aspects.
These tiles are also available in standard patterns which can be purchased and attached to the specific area easily. Today the process of ceramic tiling is so sophisticated that tiles can mimic any material, from hard wood to porcelain. It is inexpensive and easy to install.

Ceramic tiles are increasing in popularity because they are made of natural materials with low energy processes. They contain toxins, but is also mildly antibacterial. Earlier it was only available in muted colors but today bright vibrant colors are also available.

Bamboo is one of the finest growing flooring around the world. It is a part of the hard wood family and is now being used as a flooring material as well. In fact, it is one of the imminent materials in today’s flooring sector. By using this bamboo flooring your home will become more attractive and your artistic sense will also be expressed.

Laminate flooring is one of the modern types of flooring. In this flooring that uses laminate as the basic material. This laminate is made up of either a synthetic material or in combination of synthetic material and natural and recycled ingredients.

Linoleum flooring is another flooring option. The word “linoleum” is a Latin word that means linseed and “oleum”, means oil. Linoleum flooring makes use of solidified linseed oil as the base, along with tree wood, resins, cork dust, ground limestone and pigments.

One of the most popular flooring in the present time is marble flooring. It had been in used since ages earlier. This type of flooring is considered to be a style statement and is one of the costly floorings. So when you decide on using this flooring you must think about your budget. Earlier marble was imported from Italy, so it was very expensive. Now a day this is getting available in every country.

Vinyl flooring is considered to be one of the most preferable options for flooring in recent time. Various type of surplus materials are readily available in the market, right from natural materials like marble and wood or synthetic materials like vinyl and linoleum. When deciding about vinyl, it shows multiple advantages.

Wooden flooring is another very popular, much desired option. Wood acts as an excellent flooring material, being completely natural and extremely elegant to look at. The popularity of this type of flooring is that it is extremely versatile and it can go with almost any and every kind of furnishing. Wooden flooring also adds to the elegance as well as the value of your home.

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