Various Phases of a Teenage Relationship

Tips for teenage relationship

Tips for teenage relationship Love, in all ages, seems beautiful and the promises made in a relationship conceal the power of healing any and every wound.

Teenage relationship is though usually condemned and criticized by people, as they tag teenagers as immature youngsters: Unable to take each other’s responsibility.

However, love sees no age and knocks the doors of life anytime. Still, it is true that teenagers are immature maximum times and this immaturity results in many events that should not have been un-folded in the chapters of their life, so early.

There are various phases that a teenage relationship passes through, before it converts into a strong bond of love and not just attraction. The various phases of a teenage relationship are given as follows

Tips To Deal With Teenage Relationship

The Shades Of First Love In The Horizon Of Life

The first attraction is a synonym to first love in the lives of maximum young boys and girls. There is an immense and an irresistible desire to get a glimpse of the person a young boy or girl falls for. Teenage becomes a beautiful but a blind phase, when a proposal is accepted and life appears to be like a paradise.

Teenage Relationship

This phase is the beginning of love or a relationship in the life of any teenager. This young age, which is usually away from all the realties and pressures of the outside world, contains maximum passion, zeal and desire. These three elements erupt of a passionate relationship; which if groomed and nurtured properly, can turn into an unbreakable bond (which is though not the case maximum times).

Peer Pressure

The first ever reality of life that a teenage relationship faces is peer pressure. The vehemence of becoming the most desired boy/girl in the school/college, and the desire to become a hot couple in buzz, starts entertaining all wrong deeds for a relationship at this stage and age of life. Physical attraction is the base of teenage love majority times and thus, it is bound to die off or become dull after sometime.

Same age friends are the main culprits behind rotting a serious teenage relationship that may have started with an attraction, but otherwise contains all the elements of converting into a special and the long term relationship for a lifetime. At this stage, friends are the most important elements in life.

While a girl likes her boyfriend to keep the secrets of their love life away from the knowledge of his friends; friends on the contrary, are the first people a boy chooses to share all the details about his love life, to become the king of the bog.

Sexual Attraction

Even if a couple in a teenage relationship surpasses the paramount hardships of their age; i.e. attraction and peer pressure; it is too hard for them to resist the sexual attraction that they confront on daily basis. Since immature, usually teenagers land up making love. This, majority of the times gives disastrous results; because at such young age, the teenagers have no idea of what they are doing.

Teenage relationship

They hardly have sex knowledge and therefore, sex education is very necessary to be imparted in schools. A relationship needs to be strong, mature and impeccable to later sustain the real pressures of the outside world. However teenage relationship contains the elements like trust, attraction, passion and immense care; but they lack strength to surpass the real pressures of life, and thus, they choke to death silently, when subjected to all such pressures.

Extreme Rage And Fury

Teenage is considered as the most vulnerable age in any person’s life, because the body undergoes many changes during this age. It results in a highly un-controlled temperament in youngster. The result of this fury is most likely to affect their blooming young love story as well. You need to be a wise and a mature person, selfless and egoless, in order to make a relationship work.

Your dominate phases needs to be at rest and you need to be in a state of mind, where you understand the meaning of real commitment and responsibility. Unfortunately, all these required elements are overshadowed by un-controlled anger in a teenager. This can even turn a normal relationship into a violent one. Thus, with teenage love comes paramount responsibilities, which are not fulfilled maximum times.

The lack of maturity and abundance of passion and sexual attraction may also result in uncontrolled jealousy. This jealousy starts affecting the young buds on the rose plant of teenage love saga. Even before the buds start flowering, they wilt against all these factors and a beautiful budding relationship comes to its painful end.

Other Side-Effects

All the above-mentioned phases are the different stages a teenage relationship passes through; however, there are certain other side-effects that are happen to affect the couples individually. In lapse of a family support, the teenagers turn violent and can indulge in the acts like suicide and may turn rebellious too. A teenage relationship is most likely to revoke all the attention of a youngster from his/her upcoming career.

Teenage relationship

This is very dangerous, as it affects the future of a youngster very badly; and eventually, at later stages of life, the same teenager may find him/herself lost in the mist of no career options of their own choice. Devoting maximum time over phone calls and internet, avoiding meals to keep in contact with the loved ones etc. are such practices that start affecting the health of the youngsters as well. All such side-effects are the most prominent side-effects that pop up during the different phases of a teenage relationship.

However, most of the teenage relationships end with time and pressures; but a few are strong enough to overcome all the phases and their side-effects. Only those lucky few relationships become some of the strongest relationships that convert from childhood lovers to lifetime sweethearts. Such couples are the ones that have gone through all the ups and downs in life; and thus, no storm is strong enough to wreck their love boat.

It seems like a dream to be by the oath of the person you loved long ago in a lifetime. However, every person alive on earth remembers his/her teenage love, very few chosen ones gets a fulfilled lifetime commitment from the same. Though, teenage love is the most romantic and beautiful journey in the life of every person (which is cherishers lifelong), hidden deep inside the lanes of every heart.

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