Vampire Makeup Tips For Women

vampire makeup tipsVampirism has become very popular in Hollywood in the past few decades, and wearing a vampire look is a very trendy style during Halloween. Even though the concept of scary vampires rising from the grave and sucking human blood does not have any authenticity in the modern world, vampires will be spotted in plenty during Halloween.

Even though both women and men vampires exist according to ancient beliefs; women vampires are more popular thanks to their sexy and seductive appearance. With the Halloween holidays of this year impending, it will be helpful to have a look at some tips and tricks to wear perfect vampire makeup.

Tips and Tricks to Do Halloween Vampire Makeup

Women do vampire makeup during Halloween – a holiday observed on October 31 annually. One can opt for a range of makeup tips that offer looks ranging from sexy to scary.

Anyone will get really freighted by bumping into a vampire-like figure in the night, however modern and courageous he/she is. If you want to scare people during this end of October holiday, you need to have knowledge about some essential makeup tips that will make you look like a real vampire woman.

Look Extremely Pale

Since vampires are scared of light and they never step into bright sunlight, your face should look extremely pale to do justice to the role. Apply the lightest foundation available on your face and do not make your cheeks rosy.

vampire makeup for women

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However, you can accentuate your cheek bones with gray, brown shades. Don’t forget to lighten your ears and neck too to avoid obvious discolorations. Using thin blue lines you can pronounce some facial veins.

Create ‘Bloody’ Lips

Lips are the most important part that needs careful makeup. Since vampires are notorious for feasting on human blood, the lip should be painted in deep red color.

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The blood-stained look should get more emphasis by creating fake blood drops from the corner of lips. Black lips will give the look of a scarier vampire. Don’t forget to fix vampire teeth for the complete look.

Scary Eyes

Since your vampire expression will be communicated mostly through eyes, give cautious makeup to them. Apply plenty of black eye lines to the eye lids and eye brows, which are impeccable. The wrinkles below and around eyes should be painted and high-lighted in dark gray or silver shade.

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Application of plenty of mascara will give a super sexy look to the vampire. Applying eye shadow beneath the eyes will give a tired and sickly look, and of course, vampires are not healthy looking. Crazy contact lenses can be used to bring in scary look.

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Voluminous Hair

Long hair should be voluminous since vampires hang upside down (in the form of bats). You can use hair gel and other hair volume enhancers to get the look.

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Depending upon the degree of scariness you want to flaunt you can vary the intensity of vampire makeup. Black, white and red are the chief colors used for women vampire makeup. Understanding basic vampire makeup tips and practicing it before the great day is really important in stepping into the shoes of this mysteriously romantic creature of the night.