Valentines Day Ideas


The flower and chocolate fro Valentine’s Day are too normal that they don’t say much these days. For the coming Valentine’s Day you can do something really great for your woman. The purpose of this article is to provide a few ideas that can make your Valentine’s Day special.

A bed of roses
This might seem a waste of money, but there are only few women who will refuse to be impressed by a bed covered with hundreds of red rose petals. Make a path to the bed with petals from about a dozen roses and cover the rest of the bed with the rest. Put on the right music and some candles. She will not resist that.

A warm bath
Take you time to fill the bath with rose petals and some oils. This will sure make her filled relaxed and prepare her body for the ‘main meal.’ (You get what I mean)

Feed her
I believe you know the power of food coupled with sex. That is why cutting up some fruits such as melon; strawberries and apples in addition to chocolate (chocolate is the deal) can make your sex more fun than usual.

Blindfold her
You can blindfold her and make her smell different scents, one of which is the new perfume you have bought for her.  This will be a great experience. You can make her feel the smell of things like incense, flowers, etc. Any wrong guess is paid for with a kiss.

Use a feather
You can drive her crazy by using a strong feather to tickle her entirely whole body right down to the vagina. Do it well that she begs you for more.

Sexually shaped chocolate
There are various shapes of chocolate. Some are made like nipples, others like breast and penis. Go to the sex shop and buy her some penis chocolates. Let her sucks on them before you give her the real one.