Using Makeup Powders


One of the most important things to the makeup artist is the make up powder. There are a lot of reasons why make up powder is very important. Some of these are as follows:

Makeup powder helps give a very smooth sheen to the skin.

It sets the other makeup thus making them last longer on you. No matter what the make up is made of – pencils or cream based products; makeup powder can make them stay in place for a long time.
It also absorbs oil from the skin thus preventing unnecessary shine.

Types of makeup powders
There are two types of make up powders. These are loose powder and pressed powder. Loose powder is specifically good when it is used in the morning to set makeup. It can help keep the makeup fresh looking all day. Because of this it is mostly the professional makeup artist’s choice. Pressed powders are designed in a way that you could easily carry then along so that where necessary, you can use them to touch up during the day. Most of them are sold with a sponge but for a better finish you must use a powder brush.

How to choose the right makeup powder

The choice of the right makeup powder depends on the type of skin you have. Those who have normal to oily skin would find that the best makeup powder for them is a translucent loose powder. This absorbs excess oil from the skin. Those with dry skin would discover that pressed powder is best for them because it adds moisture to skin.

How to apply makeup powder
You must be sure that there are no creases or lines in your make up before you apply the make up powder. This is because once you put the powder on them they will remain like that. Clean your face if it is moist with tissue to avoid the powder clumping.

With a large powder brush, apply powder sweeping downwards and outwards. Brushing upwards will make the hairs on your face to stand making the makeup fuzzy. Too much eyeshadow? A light layer of powder on top will do the trick.