Using Acupressure For Back Pain

Using Acupressure For Back Pain

Using Acupressure For Back Pain Many people have to resort to medical aid in order to deal with back pain. A back pain can result from arthritis, muscles, nerves and discs. Stretching exercises along with surgeries can give you relief from back pain but can be painful too.

The Chinese medicine has been using acupressure for a long time to heal various pains. It is an effective alternative for relieving pain in a natural way by shifting energy throughout the body.

A number of professionals practice acupressure and acupuncture as they help in reducing pain in a more effecient manner than physical therapies. They are a healing procedure that concentrate on the key points in the body and stimulate your body’s healing capability. By pressing some locations on arms and feet you can know how to use acupressure for back pain.

You need to use your finger to apply direct pressure to a point. Initially you have to press that area lightly. Gradually some more pressure has to be exerted when a dull ache appears around the pressure point. Press at that point until you get relief.

Using Acupressure For Back Pain

The B23 and B47 are located on the lower back between the second and third vertebrae. You can get rid of lower back ache and sciatica by pressing at these pressure points.

A light touch will be enough for this area as this region is delicate. Wrap your arms around and position your hands at your waist and thumbs on paraspinal muscles. The pressure should be exerted such that it acts inwards on the spine. You can apply as much pressure as you want as long as you are comfortable.

You must then move on to B23 which is two fingers away from your spine and repeat the same procedure. You may also lie down on the back with knees up. To make your knuckles press into the paraspinal muscles you will need to place your fist and palm under your back on each side of the spine.

If you want to see how acupressure for back pain relief works then you can use another part of your body. You can apply it at the centre of the back side of your knees. This is called the B54 point and helps you get rid of stiffness, knee pain, sciatica and back pain.

Firstly place your fingers at the centre point of the knee creases. Apply pressure for a minute. This may be done in a seating position or while you are lying on your back on the floor. Bend your knees toward your chest.

Additionally you can include rocking from one side to the other only if you are comfortable. You can then relax your lower back and relieve the stress.

Apart from knowing how to use acupressure for back pain you must also know that you should repeat the steps of the technique early in the morning when you wake up, after lunch or right before you go to sleep in the night. The main motive of performing this technique is to eliminate pain by making energy travel from and to your back.

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