Use Different Hair Brush For Different Hair Type


Typical of human nature is to take things for granted. We tend to use anything that’s for long or curly or straight or just got hair cut from the parloure. Very poor maintenance results severe hair problems. Style conscious people don’t mind spending thousands on hair style.

They are more concern about how they look but they are not concern about how hair should be maintained. Always remember, you can not do style unless you have good hair. So, you must maintain your hair once you step out from the salon. Bad hair is easily invited as days are getting polluted so is your hair quality. A Proper care is a must if you want lustrous hair.

However, you must take preventive measures to get rid off such problems. Hair gets spoiled due to so much use of chemicals such as gels, oils, lotions, hair colours and many more. There are different hair brushes for different hair type or style and you must pick up the one which will suit your hair style. A particular comb should be used for a particular hair style and this will reduce hair damage to an extant.

There are combs for curly. Straight, weavy, etc. you should use round brush if you have curly hair. Medium long hair should use pedal brush as it helps for further straightening. It also helps to smoothen your hair quality. Paddle brush is also good for layered hair as it detangled frizzy hair.

This also enhances scalp massage. Your scalp is very vital for healthy hair growth. If it is suffering from any kind of disease then it could pose a problem for healthy hair growth.

Rubber base brush is good for scalp related hair to comb as it helps to stimulate the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. Therefore, your hair needs especial comb for a particular hair style.