Unhealthy Eating Habits Can Cost Your Life


New bourgeoisie section of the society today has not only changed their life style but also the eating habits. Most of them belong to working class. Their favourite excuse to go to fast foods or MacDonald or pizza hut or road side foods is so called “busy scheduled”.No wonder there are thousands who suffer from nutritional deficiency disease and food related disease among this population.

One must know the fact that your unhealthy eating habit can cost your life. Food related disease is one of the most challenging health concerns for the medical experts. Your body is bearing the brunt of not eating healthy. Some people have even the excuse of high price in the market. However, to eat healthy will not cost you much; rather it will cost your life if you don’t eat fresh and cooked nutritious foods.

Don’t let your children affect from poor diet incase if you have children. Poor diet has many health ailments. People who do not eat healthy will have dozens of health problems such as one can easily catch up with stomach disorder called “Irritation Bowel Syndrome”, this disease is rapidly rising in the metros of developing countries due to sudden change in life style. Abrupt change in life style has bad impact on health. Intake of wrong cooking oil can cause sever stomach problems.

Yet another reason of eating poor is gaining weight too fast. Unhealthy eating outside has big disadvantage. Within a few days you will see your big gout. Eating at home is cheaper than eating out side at times. You don’t have to worry about anything since you are eating healthy.

You also must look into your kitchen grocery shopping that you are picking up healthy nutrition rich items. Do not bother about spending money on eating. Instead unhealthy eating could be the reason to cost your life. This is because your health depends how you eat and what you eat. So keep all your excuses away and start eating healthy.

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