Understanding women’s sexual desire

Few women experience orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. Rubbing or other less direct stimulation of the clitoris, is usually the easiest way for a woman to have an orgasm. Men have been trying to unravel a woman’s mind for thousands of years now and still, to this day; we don’t have much to show for all our research.

Two things that have been able to decipher is that jewelry is a good barter for oral sex and when she says “nothing’s wrong,” it really means that everything’s wrong. To understanding women’s sexual desire learn that if a woman rarely or never experiences orgasm, she may wish to explore her own responses through masturbation and she can then use this information to talk to her partner about how to make their sexual experiences more enjoyable. Sometimes a woman may find her clitoris is very sensitive and direct stimulation is uncomfortable

Understanding women’s sexual desire is much more complex than it may appear on the surface. When desire is present, and when it is congruent with a person’s behaviors and values, it is usually accepted without too much thought and when something is amiss, however, things can become complicated. Low sexual desire can have physical causes (such as chronic illness or medication interaction) or psychological causes (such as stress, guilt, or poor body image). Understanding women’s sexual desire issues can help to understand that they lead to psychological concerns, and vice versa and another thing is important understanding women’s sexual desire is her orgasm, which is the powerful, pleasurable release of sexual arousal and tension. Generally speaking, women will experience different muscle contractions throughout the pelvic and genital region, as well as in other parts of the body.

The heart rate and breathing will increase. Some women will experience a single orgasm, and some will have more than one during a particular sex act that one should learn understanding women’s sexual desire. Yet while physical orgasmic response can be generalized in these ways, the actual experience of orgasm can vary dramatically from person to person. Some people describe orgasms as euphoric or spiritual. Others enjoy feeling almost out of control during orgasm, while others dislike the feelings of vulnerability the experience can induce. This channel deals with these and other related issues