Understanding And Handling Hyperactive Children

Hyperactive Children

Kids in general are full of tantrums, a very common characteristic in children. But on the other hand, what is most frustrating for some parents is a hyperactive kid.

These types of kids exhibit unmanageable and uncontrolled behavioral patterns, sudden outbursts of anger or tantrums that are both embarrassing as well as problematic for the parents. Sometimes the intensity of such tantrums is such intense that it may affect the health of the kids or cause fits.

Getting angry with such hyperactive kids, beating them up or insulting and abusing them is not the solution. Understanding the reason behind these types of attitudes and planning a wise strategy to handle them is essential. A medical diagnosis in the form of a series of tests, mainly ADHD or ADD test will ascertain the presence of Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD] and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD] in hyperactive kids.

Thus the first thing is to maintain a regulated lifestyle and a specially formulated diet plan. It is very essential to discard foods that have stimulant properties or that arouse energy instantly such as food and beverages containing caffeine and sugar.

A dedicated time period of relaxation is to be ensured for these kids, which does not necessarily mean sound sleep always, but a calm and peaceful place, away from busy activities and noise is enough. Take your hyperactive child for a regular walk as that would help in building in the focus into the kid’s mind.

Engage your kid in activities that would help develop concentration and promote peace of mind. Make them learn meditation, light exercises and yoga. Encourage the practice of deep breathing regularly. Specially teach them to practice deep breathing when they tend to loose control over themselves to become hyperactive.

A massage therapy, particularly on the temples and the shoulders will sooth a hyperactive kid and provide relaxation. Find out if your child has a creative hobby. Try to encourage that as this is an excellent medium to increase concentration of mind. In case if there is no such notable hobby in your kid, try to inculcate a constructive hobby in him or her by finding out the area which the kid finds most interesting.

Set up a specific routine to fix the wakeup time, bed time, dinner, lunch, breakfast, even studying time, playing time and leisure and hobbies to maintain a disciplined life in them.

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