Types of Skirts


There are many varieties of skirts and there is no limit to imagination of designers but listed below are some common types of skirts with tips on their suitability and when or with what they should not be worn:• The Pencil

This skirt has a high waist with hugs hips and it usually goes below the knees.
Suitable for: These skirts are right for you only if you have a skinny or slim figure.
Not suitable for: Avoid wearing these skirts with boots.

• The A-line –

It is the basic kind of skirt which kisses the thighs and hips while sitting snugly at the waist. It is wider at the hem.
Suitable for: It would look great on you if you have a pear-shaped figure. It evens out heavier hips and thighs.

Not suitable for: Avoid this skirt if you have narrow hips.

• Flared skirts

These skirts are basically A-line skirts having extra flare which swish and swing about the legs.
Suitable for: These skirts are for you if you have tall and heavy hips. You should wear printed flared skirts if you are tall and thin.

Not suitable for: Avoid these skirts as office-going clothes.

• Straight skirts

These skirts fall straight from the hip and can suit a variety of body shapes.
Suitable for: straight skirt with loose knee length hides big thighs and suit short, petite women while a longer one with high waist makes women curvy and looks great on medium or tall women.

Not suitable for: Avoid wearing these skirts with platform heels.

• Tube skirts –

Tube skirts are just like pencil skirts but a little longer. They fall below the knee while pencil skirts goes below the knees.

Suitable for: Ankle-length tube skirt looks great on women with a slim or hourglass figure.
Not suitable for: Avoid wearing close toed shoes with these skirts.

• Miniskirts:

The minis are the shortest of short skirts. They make you feel sexy.
Suitable for: Minis look great on short women or women with long torsos as they give appearance of long legs. If you have shapely legs, wear miniskirts to show them off.
Not suitable for: Avoid wearing miniskirts in social outings.