Type 2 Diabetes


Type 2 diabetes is becoming the world’s most widespread disease and the leading cause of death, behind heart disease and AIDS. Type 2 diabetes is commonplace in almost every country in the world, including Americans and affects people of all ages and classes.

So, what is Type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a group of disorders and series of complications that affect the heart, lungs and brain and its victims have to rely on insulin to ward off diabetic comas and to decrease the amount of complications due to this type of diabetes.

What are the causes of Type 2 diabetes?

Well, the main causes of Type 2 diabetes is when people intake an excess amount of fats and sugars in their diets, with a lack of nutrients and vitamins in their bodies, which overloads the pancreas (the organ that processes and distributes sugar throughout the body) and weakens it, causing the pancreas to shut down almost completely.

Another cause of Type 2 diabetes is the use of antidepressants, such as the prescription drug Seroquel. Antidepressants have affected millions of its users who are forced into taking insulin to control their sugar levels that were increased during their usage of Seroquel.

So, who has Type 2 Diabetes and how it affects them?

Well, most of the people who have Type 2 diabetes are mostly young and middle aged people, with some elderly older peoples as well. The numbers for young Type 2 diabetics have increased dramatically over the past decade and continue to increase, with some cases of Type 1 diabetes as well.

Type 2 diabetics are different than Type 1 diabetics that they do not heavily rely on insulin to control their blood sugar and do not have to go through a procedure called dialysis, which is done to clean the internal organs of the Type 1 diabetic, which has to be completed every week or the person will suffer severe complications and failures of the kidneys, heart and lungs.

Type 2 diabetes is primarily treated with either insulin shots and/or prescription drugs to control the amount of blood sugar in one’s system. The best advice for warding off Type 1 or 2 diabetes is to maintain a healthy and a high fiber diet, drink more clear fluids like water and/or low-sugar juices and intake a small amount of caffeine a day to prevent diabetes.

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