Type-2 Diabetes Diet To Keep Diabetes At Bay

Control Type 2 Diabetes

Control Type 2 Diabetes Type-2 diabetes is very common among modern people. This is manmade and quite different from type-1 diabetes by which a child is affected from its birth. Causes of type-2 diabetes are mainly indisciplined lifestyle, lack of exercises, anxiety and wrong types of diet.

Once a person is affected by this type-2 diabetes, he or she should follow a right type of diet to keep it under control. This article will make you informed about type-2 diabetes diet.

Type-2 Diabetes Diet to Keep Diabetes At Bay

Bitter Gourd, Neem Leaves and Kalmegh

Anything bitter is good for diabetes. For this reason bitter gourd, neem leaves, kalmegh, etc. are good for diabetes. Boil bitter gourd and eat it according to the water in which you boiled it.  You can also make bitter gourd juice by crushing fresh bitter gourd.

In the same way you can also make neem juice. Drink bitter gourd or neem juice at empty stomach in the morning. It helps to control glucose content in blood. You can chew fresh kalmegh leaves or you can drink kalmegh extracts which are available in medicine store in the market.


Fruits like black berry, watermelon, cucumber, grapes, guava, bael, etc. are good for diabetic patients. These fruits contain lower amount of natural sugar.

But diabetic patients should stay away from mango, banana, custard apple, etc. fruits. These fruits contain a high amount of glucose which increases glucose level in the blood.


Vegetables like gourd, okra, onion, egg plant, beans, cauliflower, cabbage, different types of herbs like spinach, coriander, lettuce, etc. are good for diabetic patient. Stay away from potato, carrot and other root type vegetables which contain a great amount of starch and glucose.

How To Control Type 2 Diabetes With Diet

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Vegetables should be cooked in low heat and adding small amount of oil and spices. Some vegetables such as onion, ginger, coriander leaves, etc. work well when it is eaten raw. Use lemon juice, tamarind, etc. sour products in cooked food to counter glucose in diabetes.

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Restrict the Eating of Carbohydrate

Eat rice and wheat as little as possible because these are carbohydrates and excess carbohydrate increase sugar level in blood. Eat fibrous foods such as oatmeal, chick pea powder, etc. when you eat these foods, have plenty of water with them because these foods need water to get digested.

If you do not supply enough water by drinking adequate water, they will absorb water from your body and your body will get dry.

Stay Away from Sugar

Sugar is like poison to diabetic patients. For this reason, stay away from sweet foods such as cakes and pastries. Fizzy carbonated drinks are a complete ‘no’ to diabetic person because these drinks contain a great amount of sugar. Fried and junk foods should be avoided in diabetes. For this reason stay away from chips, burger, cheese, etc. Restrict the drink of alcohol. Do not smoke. Smoking increases the sugar level in blood.

You have already known about type-2 diabetes. Follow the diet for type-2 diabetes and keep it at bay. Type-2 diabetes is hazardous because it spoils the function of other organs gradually. So keep it under control.

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