Trimming Split-ends Away


trimming-split-ends As discouraging as it sounds, there is no one magic formula for removing split-ends or Trichoptilosis. Cutting is the only solution, but good care can prevent their return.

The golden rule to rid hair of those ugly dry split-ends is to trim your hair regularly every six to eight weeks and trim of at least 1/4 to 1 inches. This will also keep your hair healthy and growing strong. In between, you can cut the splits at home using a pair of hair shears. Remember to cut 1/4″ above the split, if you cut below, then the split will reappear.

Never use products that claim to “heal” split ends. This is very damaging for your hair in the long run. True, it glues the split ends together and helps to prevent messy hair and gives a healthy look, but it will cause extensive damage especially dying of the hair later.

Protect your hair from the sun as much as you can. Also choose conditioners that contain sunscreen or you can mix sunscreen with conditioner and apply the mixture on your hair. Deep condition your hair regularly. Choose conditioners that suit your hair type or apply hair oil regularly. Jojoba and coconut oil are good options.

Try to avoid using chemicals as much as possible. Perming, highlighting, colouring and even chlorine in bath or pool water cause extensive damage to the hair. However, if you still want to try out such products, always opt for the mildest one.  Hair conditioning is a must. If you have to go swimming, leave-in conditioner or oil your hair and use a swimming cap. As soon as you come out of the water, shampoo your hair again.

One of the most common mistakes we make while brushing our hair is combing it too roughly. The ends of our hair are very fragile, so if you are too rough while combing split ends tend to form quickly. If your hair is thick use wide-toothed comb and don’t comb hair while wet and it is advisable to untangle hair first with your fingers before combing.

Do not wash your hair everyday and avoid using too much hairdryer. After washing, don’t rub your hair with towel too hard to dry, it is very damaging for the hair. Just squeeze out the excess water and leave it naturally to dry.