7 Trendy Hairstyles For Kids

Trendy Hairstyles For Kids

Trendy Hairstyles For Kids

Are you worried about your little angel’s haircut? Are you not sure which haircut will suit his or her best? Undoubtedly, kids’ hairstyles should be cute yet easily manageable. Here are all the solutions of your problems. Below is the list of all trendy haircuts for kids and all the necessary tips to choose the right haircut for your children. We have divided it into two categories. In one category we will describe the hairstyles for little girls and in the other we will describe the hairstyles for little boys.

Hairstyles For Little Girls

Bob Hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle For Kids

Bob is probably the most popular haircut among little girls. Cut the hair to the chin length and have some short layers at the back. Or you can try it with shoulder length hair and leave some loose bangs to frame the face. Another option is to have eye- length bangs. You little girl is sure to look beautiful with that. Bob suits best with round and oval face.

Blunt Hairstyle

Blunt Hairstyle For Kids

Give the girl a blunt cut if her hair is thick and mostly straight. It requires low maintenance and looks cute in little girls.

Layers And Bangs Hairstyle

Bangs Hairstyle For Kids

If the girl has medium or long length hair then you can opt for some layers to get an added advantage to the style. Soft bangs are another good option. Moreover, you can tie up the hair when it is necessary and can use various beautiful hair accessories. Layers and bangs go well with natural curly or wavy hair.

Classic Cut Hairstyle

Classic Cut Hairstyle For Kids

This is the oldest and popular haircut for little boys. Most of the parents prefer this haircut for their little ones. The hair should be longer in front portion and a little shorter in back and in both sides. Little boys look very cute in this hair style.

Shaggy Hairstyle

Shaggy Hairstyle For Kids

If the boy has natural straight hair and not so dense hair then you may try shaggy hairstyle. It will give him a relaxed look. You can be kept either shorter or longer.

Spikes Hairstyle

Spikes Hairstyle For Kids

Spike is the recent trend in little boys’ hairstyles. Give your kid a rock star look with spiked hair. But be sure if you really want those coloured streaks and spikes on your kid’s head. And also ask him if he really wants to spend a lot of time in front of mirror to make those spikes stand.

If it sounds tough then you may try an easy version of spiked hair. The hair in sides and in back will be shorter and cleaned. The remaining hair in the middle will be a little longer which can be either spiked up or brush down. This hairstyle is really amazing and will give your ‘little man’ a sporty look.

‘Surfer’ Hairstyle

Surfer Hairstyle For Kids

This style is suitable for grown- up kids. This haircut has bangs and layers and needs a little volume. Little boys prefer this haircut because several Disney kid stars sport this hairstyle. These are some basic and most popular hairstyles for kids. Choose the right one for your child depending on his or her age, face and hair quality and volume.