Treatment for Endometriosis

Endometriosis Treatments

Treatment of endometriosis is focused on healing the scarred endometrial tissues; in severe or advanced cases, surgery may have to be resorted to. Infertility which may have arisen as a result of this condition may thus be treated.   Millions of women are affected by chronic endometriosis when the tissues growing abnormally outside the uterus develop lesions. The method of treatment is dependent on the symptoms, age, and whether the patient wants to conceive.

In deciding on the method of treatment, the patient has to weigh the benefits and the risks involved. Some chemical-based medications induce a kind of menopause in the patient. By preventing ovulation, the medications shrink the lesions caused by endometriosis. One drawback is that the patient will suffer some side effects.

Surgical removal of the endometrial tissues is often resorted to for this condition, hand in hand with medical treatment. There is also a surgery in which endometriosis is removed and then the damaged organ is treated. For these kinds of surgeries, laparoscopic methods are used in which light is transmitted through a thin tube that is inserted through the patient’s navel. This enables the doctor to see the growth of endometrial tissues and remove them.

In severe cases, there may be no choice but to have the patient’s uterus and ovaries completely removed through surgery. This is a very difficult decision for a woman to make especially if she wants to have children.

Sometimes endometriosis is treated with simple painkillers. But through this you may not be able to get rid of the infertility problem, as the patient may not be able to conceive. Since the symptoms of the condition continue even after treatment, the patient may opt to use herbal and natural cures for relief from the symptoms. Natural treatment includes dietary changes, taking vitamin supplements, aromatherapy, etc.

Much research still needs to be done on how to treat endometriosis. Since considerable funds are focused on the treatment, some experts have expressed the opinion that if some of these funds are used instead to study what causes endometriosis, then the treatment or cure would be easier to find.

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