Treat Vaginitis Naturally

Vaginitis is basically an inflammation in the mucous membrane of vagina. Common symptoms of vaginitis include painful urination, itching or burning sensation, vaginal discharge and pain during intercourse.

It can be treated successfully with natural and herbal remedies. By using herbal remedies, you can not only treat or cure vaginitis; you can also prevent its recurrence. Herbal remedies can also be used individually or can be combined with other natural remedies.

Oregano Oil has antifungal properties and can be used to treat vaginitis of all types. Take 500 mg of Oregano Oil daily. It is better to use it twice per day. It is very effective for patients with vaginal infections, especially for those women who suffer from repeated vaginal yeast infections.

Garlic also has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. You can take around 300 mg of any garlic supplement. It will not only counteract yeast infections, it will also improve your immune system. Garlic supplements are good for all types of vaginitis.

Alternatively, Vitex (150 to 250 mg), which is also known as Chaste berry can be taken once a day. It works for all types of vaginitis. Chaste Berry works very well for women who suffer from repeated vagina yeast infections and hormonal imbalance.

Echinacea supplement is also proven effective in treating infectious Vaginitis. Similarily, Yellowdock is a popular remedy for vaginitis. Yellowdock can also be taken with other herbs for better results.

Taking Oregon Grape supplement daily can also help in treating vaginitis. Oregon Grape is basically a shrub that can be used for all types of vaginal infections. Oregon grape has alkaloid called barberine which is quite effectual in treating Vaginitis and other similar infections.

You can also take Boric Acid (600 mg) for seven days. It will not only fight vaginitis, in case you’re suffering from chronic vaginitis, it will also help in healing the same. If you’re suffering from chronic vaginitis, continue intake of boric acid for 3 to 4 weeks.

Vitamin C taken in 100 milligrams quantity, at least three times a day can help tremendously in enhancing the immune system and speeding up the healing process of vaginitis.