Treat Under Arm Odor Naturally

Treat under arm odor

Under arm odor can result in some uneasiness. People who sweat a lot as well as those who don’t sweat much can have the problem of under arm odor and at times this can be a cause of embarrassment in public.

At times it may go away by itself, but other times it might not and it is a possibility that it is not only due to the hot weather but can be also due to some medications or due to some unhygienic conditions. One should not ignore this problem for long. One can treat the problem of under arm odor by adopting some simple home based remedies, instead of spending so much on the deodorants.

One must wear cotton clothes in hot weather instead of going for synthetic fiber based clothing. Cotton clothes absorb the perspiration and allow the skin to feel fresh and breathe properly in a hot and humid weather. In addition to this, anyone suffering from this problem must take a bath twice-thrice in a day and must try to change into fresh clothes after every bath.

Try to clean arm pits regularly and keep them dry to avoid under arm odor. One can do so by using baby wipes that can be used on regular basis. One can also apply some talcum powder with good fragrance or some anti- fungal on the armpit to treat under arm odor. Talcum powder helps in absorbing the perspiration. In addition to the baby wipes, one can also wipe the armpits with witch hazel. White vinegar can also be used instead of witch hazel.

Bad odor producing bacteria can also be treated with the regular usage of apple cider vinegar. One can dip the cotton balls in the vinegar and then apply them on the armpits. One can deal with under arm odor by rubbing some baking soda on the armpits, as it dries the armpits thus doesn’t lead to the production of bacteria, leaving them without bad odor. One must increase the intake of green leafy vegetables in the diet to deal with the same. One can deal with perspiration and bad body odor by consuming sage tea on the daily basis.