Toy Safety: A Serious Concern For Parents

toy safety

Parents and grandparents love to buy toys for their kids but very few amongst them are aware of possible dangers associated with some toys. Parents must know about the hidden dangers in toxic toys.

Parents must also know well how to protect their kids from small toys that can choke, electric toys that can cause shock, hard, sharp or pointed toys that can hurt their kids, and battery operated toys.

They don’t know that some simple toys which they consider safe for their kids like brightly colored blocks, plastic toys can pose more threat to their children. Parents should be aware of toy safety guidelines while purchasing toys for their loved ones.

Reasons for Injuries

A child explores, touches or moves whatever they see. Children can be asked to play safely. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep a watch on them, keep away toys that they shouldn’t touch. Parents should choose toys that are safe and the right toy for child’s age and ability.

Some toys like bicycle or skate board are difficult to handle. Children must be allowed to play with them during their presence only. Some toys cause injury because they are especially made for older children. So parents must know what to look for while buying toys. Children generally get hurt due to following reasons:

•    Some toys like guns that shoot arrow like thing are dangerous in themselves.

•    Some easily breakable toys can hurt children.

•    Some toys that have small parts can be swallowed by small kids and choked.

•    Toys with sharp edges can hurt children.

•    Some toys are painted with toxic material which is extremely harmful.

Toys that can be dangerous

Stuffed toys: Eyes or nose made using buttons can come off and child can swallow them. Ride on toys should be purchased after checking them carefully. They should be strong enough so that don’t tip over easily.

Looking for the age label is a must for this kind of toys. Some toys contain liquid in them. They can be poisonous. Check the non-toxic level of pencils, crayons etc. In the same way small batteries, if swallowed can be dangerous as they are poisonous.

Preeti Mehta