Top tips for controlling blood pressure


Cardiovascular diseases are very common these days due to unhealthy food, fat rich diets and no physical exercises.  The change in life style impacts many people with heart related problems. Blood pressure is one among the cardio problem which can be controlled by some of the tips given in this article.

Maintain your blood pressure under 140/90mm.  If the pressure is above 140, then consult a doctor for treatments to lower the systolic pressure under 140.

If your body blood pressure is above 140mm, then you will need to consult with a medical expert for the intake of any medicines.  Always check with the doctor for getting prescribed medicines and do not follow self-medication.

Be healthy.  Most of the cardiovascular problems arrive because of obesity and overweight.  If you are obese or overweight, then you will need to start the program on weight reduction very soon.  Eat healthy diet and avoid fat rich foods.  You can take more salads, fruits and fresh fruit juices, rather than oily fat rich snacks.

Sweat out every day.  Do any of your favourite sport or exercise at least 20 minutes a day.  It is always recommended to do the body workout in early morning than any other part of the day.  Try to take a walk around the street, jog around the places or cycle for few kilometres.  Swimming is another best exercise to boost the cardiovascular system.

Eat more vegetables and fruits which are good in fibre, vitamins and minerals.  Eat regular small meals with more salads added in it.  Make a habit of starting your food with at least one serving of fresh vegetable salad.

Calculate the amount of sodium in your diet.  Check the nutrition facts on packed foods to find the amount of sodium added in it.  Try to limit the amount of sodium based ingredients in the cooking itself.

Limit the use of salt in the food.  You can add other spices in your diet to get the taste.

Reduce the intake of alcohol.  Try not to take more than one serving of hard alcohol in a day.

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