Top Ten Mistakes In Love Which Can Ruin Your Relationship

common mistakes in love

common mistakes in love You have been going out with this guy for almost four weeks and today when he is planning to come to your home; did you ask him to pick some tomatoes from the grocery store? This is definitely not a good idea.

Maybe you have been able to strike a higher comfort level with him but you cannot be sure about his comfort and ease with you. If he does not feel as comfortable in the relationship as you do then such minor things can ruin your relationship and make him drift apart from you.

In a relationship, especially during the first few months, you need to be tactful and wise and avoid making certain moves which can prove disastrous for your relationship. Below is a guide of most common ten mistakes that boys and girls make in their first few months of a relationship and spoil everything even before it could reach a certain level.

Home Chores

Usually girls have a habit of discussing household chores with their boyfriends. They like to detail every single task of household chore that they performed during the day starting from cleaning their room to cooking a dish. Discussing home chores with your guy will put him off.

None of the guys are interested in knowing the recipes of a certain dish. Most guys run away from home chores. So stop irritating him with your non-stop chatter about household duties and how you are struggling with them.

Non-Stop Cribbing

Some people have the habit of cribbing about every single thing they come across. Such people have a long-list of topics to crib about. They would complain about the hot weather, the headline in the newspaper, the increasing corruption in the country, the lack of groceries in the nearby store, the long-traffic jam to the office, the strict and pompous boss, and so on.

If you fall in the category of such people, you really need to put in some effort and check your tendency of cribbing all day long. No one wants to hear to your persistent complaints about the world. If you are in a new relationship, you will definitely scare off your boy/girl friend with your incessant cribbing.

Family Problems

You might have raging family issues that keep you occupied and tensed. Maybe your family life is going down the drain. Nonetheless, if you are feeling miserable then it does not entail that you should spoil someone else’s day with your stories of tribulations and miseries.

Everyone has to go through their share of tribulations and challenges in life. Your boy/girl friend is defiantly not the right vent for taking out your frustration. You might discuss your family issues with your lover once your relationship has grown old. But to discuss your family issues as soon as you start dating someone is surely not a good idea.

Too Much Honesty

It is true that honesty and truthfulness are the pillars of a relationship and every new relationship should be formed on honest terms. Nonetheless you must not forget that there is a time and place for confiding your deep dark secrets to your beloved.

He/she has known you only for a few days and is enamored by your charm. Don’t spoil the moment by confessing gory details of your past in the attempt of being honest with your lover. You can confess everything you want but wait for the right time to come.

Asking for Favors

It feels great that when you need help or when you are in trouble, your lover comes to your rescue. But you need to be careful and not burden him with asking too many favors. If you are shifting to a new apartment, you can call on your lover to help you with the unpacking but that does not mean that you are going to call him for the next one week to move your furniture or lift your cartons.

Don’t call him up to pick up the groceries from the department store on his way when he comes to visit you. Such things look normal when you are one step from walking down the aisle but not in the beginning of a relationship.

From Beauty to Beast

You spend hours in the salon to look your best and dazzle the guy, whom you have been dating, with your charm. But that does not mean that he needs to know all the steps while you transition into the diva look. There is no need of making him wait in the salon as you get ready for an evening party.

He definitely does not need to see your face covered in ugly green and mud colored packs. Get the gory things done before he arrives and let him get a glimpse of you only when you are ready. You don’t want to scare him off, do you?

Double dates

A double date once in a while to flaunt your hot and happening boy/girl friend in front of your peers seems okay but make sure that it does not turn into a routine. Your boy/girl friend might want to spend some alone time with you. But if you won’t give him a chance, eventually your boy/girl friend will get bored of the double date routine.

Making your Lover Jealous

You might want to make your boy/girl friend jealous by telling the number of people who have approached you but don’t go overboard. Don’t turn him/her off by doing this every time you meet. Your boy/girl friend would think that you are only interested in increasing the number of people in your list who have been enamored by you and that you have no real interest in him/her.

Delicate darling

This one is especially meant for the girls who like to be ‘damsels-in-distress’ in front of their boyfriends. The time when boys liked girls who were like delicate darlings and needed support from their boyfriends is gone. These days’ boys prefer girls who are independent and can take care of themselves.

Pompous Boy Friend

Girls do not like guys who are constantly boosting about their expensive gadgets, cars and other items. No one is in love with your money. But your over-obsession with your materialistic possessions is sure to piss off your girl friend.