Top Exercises to Build Muscle


Did you come to this article to find out which exercises are the best when it comes to building muscle mass? If so, then you have found the right article. Have you ever wondered about the exercises and training techniques that athletes and personal fitness trainers use? You figure they must be onto something if they are getting results. Hence, they must know the answer to building muscle. Then why is it the people that you see at the gym day in and day out, who spend hours lifting weights, are not getting anywhere? Here you will find out why some people are building muscle while others are not and how you can be one of the people who reap the benefits of muscle enhancing exercises.

If you are looking for the ultimate muscle building exercises, then you will need to do squats and dead lifts. These two techniques are strength-building exercises. They bring results faster than other forms of exercise. Why is this? Practice and use shows that these two forms of strength building exercises utilize ¾ of all of your muscle groups. In addition, both of these exercises cause the most strain to your muscles. Both exercises are very intense and their intensity forces your muscles to work harder and therefore, increase your muscles faster. That is why you see successful body builders doing squats and dead lifts as part of their muscle building routine.

Bench presses, rows and leg presses are other high intensity, strength building exercises that bring faster results. These exercises also put a lot of strain on your muscle groups. These types of exercises increase your strength and enable your muscles to repair faster. When you allow your muscles to repair, they have nowhere to go, but bigger and better.

After performing these exercises for a few weeks, you may notice that they have become effortless. At this time, you need to step up the intensity of each exercise. Do this by increasing your reps or adding additional weight. You will know when it is time, because you will notice that the exercises are no longer difficult.

You will also need to add some form of cardio activity to your workout. Cardio exercise builds strength and endurance. Cardio gives your muscles time to heal and repair, which will help you build muscle-mass faster. Your cardio routine needs to vary so that your muscles do not become too acclimated to the same routine. This will challenge your muscles and push them to grow. When doing cardio, while it is important to challenge your muscles, you do not want to over train them.

Now that you understand the basic techniques used to build muscle-mass faster, you can use them to best suit your personal goals. Remember to stay determined and motivated.


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