Top 6 Relationship Expectations That Couples Have

Top expectations in realtionship

Top expectations in realtionship Love is though bound to stay forever; however, there are certain constraints that make its way tougher, even before it reaches its real destination.

Expectations are one of them and also be called as a graveyard of many relations. This is because, a promise, when broken, lead to broken hearts and bruised souls.

Though, not always dating couples are serious; and in such a scenario, the pain element is reduced. Conversely, if commitment exists and expectations are not fulfilled; they are bound to cause dis-comfort and pain. Amongst the most common expectations (that can also be broken very easily), the top 5 relationship expectations are listed below.

Various Expectations In Relationship

The Partner Would Always Remain Loyal

The first (and the most un-real) expectation that usually takes the shape of a promise is, ‘I will never cheat you baby’. There are certain definitions that can elaborate this relationship expectation. While for maximum girls this would mean that her boyfriend/spouse will never be having an outside affair, for some others, the meaning totally differs.

For those few, even the small elements like keeping a few secrets, checking out the eye candies all around and flirting with every new girl in town are rudiments of cheating. Similar is the case with men; however, for most of the men, a loyal partner would mean the one who does not have an outside affair.

Though, it totally depends on how possessive a person is and how deeply and truly he/she is involved. The modern era though claims to have wiped off the existence of theatrical love; however, its saga stays alive in every woman’s and man’s heart (especially women). No matter how hard one tries to believe in the modern love ethics, the imprints of having a passionate lover never fades away. At some or the other stage of life, every person craves to have such a partner in life, who finds no one else more important than him/her.

You Will Always Be Loved And Treated With Care

The second and the funniest of all the expectations (that is more likely to break) includes, ‘I’ll keep you like a princess/prince and would never shout at you’. This promise runs out of the window, as soon as the realities of life enter the house of love. A single frustrating day at the office/home, a dispute with a close one or any other reason that causes frustration, makes the princess become a servant in a flick of a second.

Relationship expectations

It is exactly the same with the women who promise to treat their soul mates with love all the time. Humans are made of varying shades and when subjected to different situations, they react differently. The most common excuse that is given to cover up for this un-met expectation is, ‘a man/woman yells and sheds off all his/her frustration only on the person closest to his/her heart’.

However, this is completely untrue. Anguished mind always interferes and even if a small dispute happens at a restaurant (when you are already frustrated); the waiter is the most vulnerable person who remains at the threat of being the target of your frustration (and don’t tell me that an unknown waiter is the closest person to your heart).

Your Partner Will Treat You Same With/without Mates Around

Keeping all the jokes apart, the next serious relationship expectation that couples hold is being treated with love with/without mates around. This is in fact the most common promise that couples make i.e. ‘I’ll always treat you gently even with my mates around’. However, this promise is mostly implied to men; but even women are un-able to fulfill it (generally when they try to hide it from the world that the man accompanying them is their boyfriend).

This promise is though the most valuable promise and it surely can make you understand your worth in someone’s life. When treated gently, and with love and pride; be assured that your counterpart is genuinely in love with you. However, a sudden change that generally happens in the behavior with mates around is a clear indication, that the person is still not sure about you. The comfort level of a couple in public is the truest parameter to find out if they are totally involved into each other; or whether, they are actually concerned about what others think and feel of them.

Your Partner Loves You More Than Anyone Else

The fourth most common relationship expectation is that your partner would love you more than anything and anyone else in life. This is also the elementary promise that a couple can make i.e., ‘I love you more than myself’. However, this is the most complicated and toughest expectation to be met in real life. Usually, it is generally a pure myth that tends to get easily broken, within no time.

Expectations in relationship

It is though true; a person, who cannot love oneself, cannot love others; however, a promise that says, ‘I love you more than my life’ (or something similar), happens only with the people madly and badly in (movie-like) love. The difference between the love of such couples and common couples is their soul connection. It is too hard to sacrifice your own life for the sake of others.

It becomes harder when the pain to be caused is physical. This is though harsh to be read, but it’s real that mostly such expectations get washed away very easily. The hardest thing for any happy human is to die. Though, it might cause pain to see the other person you love in pain; but it is even harder to have the courage of saving the same from such a pain by taking to it oneself. Thus, you need to cross many levels and walk miles and miles together in life, before reaching a stage, where this promise can practically come true.

The Relationship You Have Is Un-Breakable

The last and the most common of all the expectations that people hold in a relationship is, ‘their relationship is un-breakable’. The promises like, ‘I will never leave you’ etc. appear to be more appealing than life. However, still it is true that more than half of the world suffers a broken relationship. It is imaginary to say the words like, ‘No power in the world can separate us’ or ‘I can leave anything or anyone but you’.

Relations fall apart even with small family pressures popping up. The toughest part at the end is to find out that the expectation could not be met and to mourn over it. The practicalities of life sometimes fall too harsh over a delicate relationship, and it rips apart very easily. Career pressures, family pressures, religious differences etc are the most common causes (other than the serious offense i.e. infidelity) that breaks this promise.

A person needs to be very mature and very strong in order to fulfill this commitment, of finding the ways against all the odds in life, to be with the beloved forever. However, maximum times, immature relations lead to immature expectations. In such cases the houses of love are made up of hay; and thus, even before the actual storm arrives, the small wind currents split away the houses.

The Wiser Words To True Love

However, the top 5 relationship expectations are usually left un-fulfilled leaving behind many souls, numb and cold; but it does not mean that we actually stop trusting people completely. Despite of the fact that most of these expectations (that are also the most cherished promises) prove fake (especially, when two immature or two egoistic people are dating); it doesn’t necessarily mean that we start disbelieving in love and relationships.

True love happens to cross our way in our lifetime, all we need to do is hold on to it forever (gently). Faith, above-all, can do wonders in making all the expectations come true at a later stage of life. With love comes trust and with trust comes responsibility. With age we tend to get wiser in life and being patient (leaving ego, anger and doubts behind) can eventually leave all of us in the hands of true love.

preeti bhatt