Top 6 Diet Options For Reducing Bloating

Top 6 Diet For Reducing Bloating

Top 6 Diet For Reducing Bloating Bloating is one of the common digestion problems we all have come across at one point of time or other. Bloating makes one feel uncomfortable and inflates the stomach to such an extent that the person begins to look fat and bulky. The good news is that with right diet and right exercise regimen you can cut on bloating quickly.

Here, we present you five foods which can help you cut on bloating effectively within a week.

Best Diet Options for Reducing Bloating


Papaya has long been recognized as a food which aids digestion. Doctors suggest people suffering from digestion problems, fever, and weak immune system to have at least one serving of papaya daily. It is so because an enzyme in papaya called Papain aids digestion and reduces gas formation. Try eating papaya as a snack or diced in plain organic yogurt for maximum benefit as yogurt is also beneficial for our digestive system.


Yogurt contains bacteria called Lactobacillus Bulgaricus which is very good for our intestines. Eating organic yogurt or homemade yogurt on regular basis helps in increasing the healthy bacteria in our gut, making our digestive system stronger.

Top 6 Diet For Reducing Bloating

When digestive system gets stronger, it begins to break gaseous foods also which results in less gas formation and hence less of bloating.


Latest researches have suggested that asparagus also has a probiotic effect and hence helps in easing out gas formation in gut. Besides, asparagus is diuretic in nature which helps in flushing out excessive fluids from the body.


Quinoa is a very healthy grain as it is high in iron and protein. Since protein foods are not starchy like carbohydrate rich foods, they do not cause gas formation and bloating. So, you can replace at least one of your carbs rich diets with quinoa. Replacing cereals with quinoa at dinner time will help you avoid bloating effectively. Besides, quinoa is rich in minerals like phosphorus, manganese, potassium, etc. and potassium is known to be a beating agent for bloating.

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Fresh Pineapple

Top 6 Diet For Reducing Bloating

Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelian which is a digestion promoting hormone. When eaten on regular basis, pineapple helps in relieving symptoms of bloating. Do not go for canned fruit as they contain sodium and preservatives, just go for fresh fruit for best results.

Peppermint Tea

Drinking peppermint tea daily has been associated with less flatulence because peppermint tea helps food pass quickly through the gut and helps in calming bloating.

While these are the foods that should be eaten regularly for calming bloating, there are certain other foods also which need to be consciously avoided since they are hard on digestion like deep fried or fat rich foods, carbonated drinks, highly salted foods, cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, beans like kidney beans, pinto beans and other types of beans (except green beans), chewing gum, fruits like apple, peaches and pear, Brussels sprouts, lettuce leaves, etc. Avoiding these difficult foods and cultivating healthy eating habits will take you a long way in beating the bloating blues and will make you feel and look fit and healthy.

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