Top 3 Natural Treatments For Hair Growth

Natural Treatments For Hair Growth

Natural Treatments For Hair Growth

Long and luxurious tresses increase the beauty of a woman in manifold ways and who among us would not want to be the owner of thick and healthy mane. There are various methods to stimulate the growth of your hair by using the natural at home products. They not only fulfill your dream in a successful manner but are also completely safe. This is how you can use the various natural treatments for the right growth of your hair.

Top 3 Natural Treatments for Hair Growth

Flaxseed Oil For Growing Your Hair Naturally

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil stimulates the circulation of the blood in the problem area and as a result the hair follicles start getting the optimum nourishment required in order to grow new hair. Vitamin E present in this flaxseed oil helps to repair out the damaged tresses and add to the overall health of your scalp. The production of new cells helps in the thickening of the hair girth.

For the application of the flaxseed oil on the scalp the first step is to collect the oil by the puncturing of the flaxseed capsules; now this oil is to be rubbed on your scalp using gentle circular motion for about five minutes. Let this remain on the head for about half an hour which is followed by proper rinsing and shampooing followed by conditioning treatment.

Application Of Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Polyphenolic components present in the olive oil act as great antioxidants that work towards the upkeep of your scalp. This miraculous effect of the olive oil has been known to man from the ancient times. For the best results in the growth of hair it is better to massage your scalp with the olive oil before going to bed in the night.

This will allow the phenolic compounds to work on the scalp in an exhaustive manner all through the night. You may use a shower cap to tuck away the hair so that the oil does not seep to the pillow cases. In the morning rinse and shower off in a thorough manner. Do this treatment once a week so that the both the health and the wealth of your tresses can be restored.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is such good for hair because it retains all the natural goodness of the ingredients used in the preparation of the vinegar. There is no distillation process involved and as a result the good enzymes and the minerals that are present in the seedless apples that go in the making of the cider vinegar are kept intact.

The various acids such as the maleic as well as the tartaric acid of the seedless apples work as astringents killing away the bacteria present on the scalp and also help in the balancing of the natural acids of the skin. There are myriad benefits of the use of the apple cider vinegar on your hair, it cleans away the surface of the scalp, opens up the clogged pores of the skin for a better nourishment and health of the tresses.


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