Top 10: Secret Dating Rules


Where there are men and women, there will be the expectancy of a relationship. Dating has been the best technique for both men and women to come to know each other and as a teaser of what to expect before getting involved in a serious relationship. Here are a few tips that men would appreciate. 

1 Make her wait

It is important that you make her realise that you have other things to do besides seeing her. This rule often works because it makes her even more eager to see you the next time. But be aware that you don’t wait for so long that she loses interest in you.

2 Take her where people know you already

You can certainly make an impression on her by taking her to a place where you already have a reputation. She will see it and be impressed herself.

3 Impress her by keeping your distance

Learn to withhold your urges for a while. You can kiss her passionately and yet not have sex. This will leave her wanting for more. It will also show her that you are a man and know how to respect boundaries.

4 Refrain from over-spending

This is a sure way to learn if she is a gold- digger or is really interested in you. Limit your dates to coffee shops or similar places where you do not have to empty out your pockets. However, avoid doing cheap stuff.

5 Wait before you return her calls

This will give you the chance to know if she is very possessive or of the psycho type. Return her calls after one or at the most two days. Again, remember not to wait long. After all you do not want to lose her.

6 Keep gifts for later

Early on, in your dating, you do not need to shower her with expensive gifts. Wait for a while and allow yourself some time to know her. Who knows, she might open up and you might not want to continue anymore.

7 Let her wonder

Do not give up your personal information so easily. Let it be a game in which you let her extract information out of you, while you keep the control and let her enjoy herself thinking she is the one in control. But remember not to freak her out by being weirdly secretive.

8 Limit the compliments

It is important to flatter her. But avoid showering her with many compliments at the start. Do not let it get to her head. This will save you from the trouble of soothing her ego every time you meet.

9 Wait a while before meeting her friends

You have just met her and are still in the process of knowing her and same goes for her too. So, do not head straightaway for Friendsville. Wait a while till you are confident enough about your relationship and where it is going so that you can avoid any awkward situations with her friends.

10 Keep her up to you….. for a while

There is no need for her to meet your friends as well. She might not yet be ready for all the humour and friendly jokes that she might encounter. She will try to get to know things about you from your friends. It is best not to let that happen.

Get your share

Now that you know the dating rules, go out there and have some fun.