Toothache Relief


Toothache is one of the most unbearable pains that one can experience.  The pain is really unbelievable and it becomes difficult to eat hard things like candy or even drinking liquids. It causes a throbbing pain that is impossible to bear or resist.

There are many reasons why toothaches occur. This might occur due to infection or cavities.
This is the main reason why you need to brush your teeth and maintain excellent oral hygiene.  However there are times when you still get toothache even after taking good precautions. The best way to get rid of toothache is to go for some natural home remedies. This would help you a lot in giving you more comfort from the pain and you would also be able to suppress the pain until you have found a good dentist.

Go for a good dentist

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to get in touch with a good dentist. He or she can examine your teeth and treat it correctly. If you are not able to treat your toothache at the right time, the condition might get worse.

Now let us have a look at some of the home remedies that help to relieve you from toothache problem:

•    Get a clove oil and apply it on the sore tooth with the help of cotton. If you do not have clove oil then you can squeeze a clove around the sore tooth.

•    If you have a vanilla extract, then you can apply it to the affected area that would help to ease the pain.

•    Get a peeled cucumber and then cut it into thick slices and hold these pieces in your mouth. You would feel that the pain is gone.

•    Make a paste with some garlic cloves by mincing them. Now add some rock salt and apply on the affected area.

•    Mix ½ tsp of asafetida with lemon juice and lukewarm water and make it a paste. Now apply it on the affected area. You should use cotton to apply the paste to the sore area of your tooth.

•    You can put a small stack of dried peppermint inside your mouth and around the sore tooth. You will need to keep it there for nearly 20 minutes and then spit it out. This will help to ease your pain.

•    You can also try using an icepack on the affected area. This helps a lot in repressing pain in the affected area.

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