Tips to reduce age spots


agespot The majority of people neglect problems associated with increasing age until they become visible.  Most of the problems of old age originate in the lifestyle of the individual when younger. Early signs of aging include age spots that begin to develop in the individual’s early twenties and become more noticeable with increasing age.  Below is a review of the causes of age spots, or liver spots, and what can be done to prevent them.

Like wrinkles, age spots are normal.  However, some spots on the skin may be signs of skin cancer. Any abnormal mole, freckle or age spot should be checked by a doctor. Although age spots are often called liver spots, they are unrelated to the liver.

Age spots are called liver spots because in the past they were attributed to liver problems.  This theory was later disproven.  Although liver malfunction does lead to major skin problems, age spots are caused by increased age and exposure to harmful sunrays.  Genes also play a role in their development.  Very rarely, emotional pressure causes age spots.

Regular sun exposure leads to age spots when older because the skin can no longer rejuvenate and repair itself.  People who prefer sun bathing are more prone to age spots. Age spots tend to emerge on particular areas of the body, including the face, the back of the arms, and shoulders that have been exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Protecting the skin from the sun’s rays minimizes the probability of developing liver spots.  To do so, one can wear clothes that fully cover the body, avoid direct sunlight and regularly use sun block.

Age spots can be avoided by following a healthy lifestyle.  Proper diet and exercise improves the elasticity of the skin. Our way of life and nutrition play a vital role in our skin’s development.

The elasticity of the skin can be maintained even with increasing age through regular exercise and the avoidance of toxins. Good nutrition increases skin cell moisture and helps in rejuvenation. One must keep in mind that tobacco, caffeine and alcohol harm the skin.

Age spots are generally darker than the usual skin tone and are undesirable.  While these spots require no medical treatment (they are natural and not a symptom or consequence of disease) they are often removed for aesthetic reasons. Age spots can be of any color, and range from light tan to dark brown.

Their appearance can be reduced by bleaching, which is the most common and simple solution for the matter.  There are several beauty creams that bleach the skin.  These can be made at home or purchased on the market.

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