Tips To Manage Angry, Hostile Elderly Parents

manage angry, hostile elderly parents

manage angry, hostile elderly parents In today’s modern world there are innumerable remedies to combat your dark circles,  puffy eyes and wrinkly skin but how does one manage angry, hostile and cranky parents?

It is so easy to lift up sagging skin than to lift your mother’s mood when the maid is 10 minutes late or your face father’s accusing glances when his morning tea is little bit below 90 degree Celsius. Let’s face it; it is very difficult to watch your parents rebelling against age.

But look at it this way; how would you feel when your 30 years of reign is quickly and steadily slipping away from your iron grasp and all you are left with are a few books, an easy-chair, a sturdy cane and may be a couple of annoying, screaming grandchildren? Not a very appealing prospect. If you have to be around your angry, hostile, If you have to be around your angry, hostile, elderly parents you should try to understand their plight and help them to come to terms with their age.

A For Authority

The older generation puts a lot of importance on self-reliance and they detest losing any kind of control. It is very important to make them feel important and that they have an authority of some sort over their children and grandchildren.

For instance let your mother decide the menu for today’s dinner or let her pick you a dress for the marriage invitation you have and allow your father to drive you to office for a change; These little things will give them a sense of authority and makes them truly happy.

B For Boredom

Once our parents cross the retirement age their social lives start to diminish and suddenly they are left with very few, trusted friends. Urge your bickering mother to get involved in social gatherings with her friends so that she has less time to frown at you and a stroll by the lake with his old chess mate will surely keep your father’s mood fine and uplifted. The bottom-line is keeping them busy.

C For Care

Believe me or not your elderly parents do not always like to bother you with their health issues. They do not want you to fuss over their illness but of course they would appreciate it greatly if you show interests in their health every now and then. It is understandable that it may not be possible for you to check on them every day but you can always ask your children to quickly call grandpa and granny to know how they are doing.

D For Domination

No matter how angry or hostile your parents are please do not try to dominate them. It only makes matters worse. You did not like being dominated when you were three, what makes you think that your volatile parents would? Instead, try having a conversation and you will be quite amazed to know that they are still as funny and adorable as before.

If your hostile parents become extremely overbearing, just take the back seat and let them drive for a while. Trust me they will not like it for long after all they are old and they need to rest.

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