3 Tips To Get Your Woman Sexually Satisfied

Tips To Get Your Woman Sexually Satisfied

Sex is one of the many things that both men and women enjoy. However, it is another thing about which, both sexes have contradicting views and preferences. What is ironic though, is that it is often implied that sex can be openly discussed with a partner but it is never easy to say how you want to be satisfied in bed.

Men should know that women are capable of having multiple orgasms and are equally adventurous in bed. Nevertheless, it is never initiated because of shyness and fear of rejection. For a man to be sensitive and respond to his woman’s desires is the greatest act of selflessness that will be rewarded with nothing less than a truly satisfying intimacy in bed.

3 Tips On How To Sexually Satisfy Your Woman In Bed

Seduce Your Woman

As far as sex and love is concerned, every woman has different views. You should know what your woman’s preferences are and be receptive. Start from there and tap into that adventurous side of your partner. Don’t assume anything in bed. In sex, don’t assume that your penis is the only thing that can give her an orgasm. If you stimulate your woman by an act of intimacy, the sensation in every part of her body gets heightened. Seduce your woman into telling you where she wants to be touched and how. Be gentle and ask her what she feels like doing.

Find The Arousal Zones Of Your Woman

Find the arousal zones of your woman. Every woman has different arousal parts in her body. Discover your girl’s most exciting point and focus there. You may find this surprising, but giving your woman’s feet a massage will stir her sexually. Make her come alive by using your hands and your tongue to her arousal points. Some women get aroused by touching their partners. If that is the case with your woman, then let her. Give her the assurance that what she’s doing is making you excited too.

Engage In Good Foreplay Using Hands And Tongue

Speak with your hands and tongue. Engage in good foreplay using your words, hands and tongue.  However, be lovingly and gently suggestive in your moves. Observe if your woman loves to be touched in her vagina or whether she would rather be orally stimulated. Some women prefer the softness of the tongue. Use helpful tools. This may not apply to your woman but just observe or ask her if she wants to use vibrators or lubrication creams to help her become fully satisfied.

Lubricating creams may be necessary at times when your woman has not enough lubrication due to stress, menstrual cycle or if she’s taking certain medications. Penetration by the penis could be painful for your partner if this happens. Most importantly, talk to your partner in bed. Make it a loving and casual conversation and make sure you both reciprocate each other’s needs.

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    Pls i don’t know what to do for my girlfriend whenever we had sex she do cry, i know she enjoy it but the problem of her crying i don’t know to solve and i do all necessary things to make it easy for her. Help me out.

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  • Stallion

    My woman tells me I do not touch her pussy the right way in order to get her aroused and satisfied I have tried different things and had her show me but I still can not get it right can anyone help me she is going to leave for this I love her and she loves but this is ruining our relationship

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    If sex is what your woman is gonna leave you because. She is not right for you