Steps To Get A Perfect Shave


The barber’s art is thought to date back many thousands of years with relics resembling razors having been found as early as 3,500 BC. And though throughout the centuries short-cropped facial hair has gained and lost favor many times over, the art of shaving has endured. But it is an art that many men simply fail to master.

So what are the steps involved in a good to get a perfect shave? And what are some of the most common mistakes men make? The first thing that every man should know about shaving involves the razor itself. What blade are you dragging across your mug each morning? While some guys take the electric route with a Braun or Norelco, avoiding shaving cream and water altogether, many others prefer the blade for a closer to get a perfect shave.

Some of the best blades that can be found in any corner drug store are the Gillette Mach 3/Fusion, and Schick Quatro. These are amongst the finest cartridge to get a perfect shaver known to man. You always want to avoid the cheap disposables, which can result in a messy morning and a lot of toilet paper.

Always to get a perfect shave start with the grain first, i.e. in the direction the hair grows. Shaving against the grain first can cause ingrown hairs and razor burn. For an even closer shave, re-lather and to get a perfect shave lightly across or against the grain. Check to see whether the hair on your neck grows in the same direction as the hair on your face. If it doesn’t, make sure you adjust accordingly to get a perfect shave with the grain.

Use The Art of Shaving Razor that provides proper weight, balance and comfort for better control. The Razor can be used with either Fusion or Mach3 blades by Gillette to get a perfect shave.
Generally to begin to get a perfect shave, apply your choice of shaving cream with a shaving brush. The brush will further help to soften your beard and exfoliate your skin.

There are many ways to get a perfect shave with creams on the market; choose one that you like that’s right for your skin type. The important thing is to provide lubrication for the razor. Start with one side of your face and work steadily towards the other side, doing small sections at a time. This way you won’t miss anything.

Tips to get a perfect shave

– Shower or bathe before shaving, or warm the face with a hot flannel.
– Use plenty of hot water and to get a perfect shave do that in a warm environment.
– Brush in a circular motion to lift the beard.
– To get a perfect shave go with the beard, never against the grain.
– Rinse the blade frequently in hot water.
– Rinse face well with cool water and gently pat dry.
– After shaving use a moisturizer or skin food.
– Avoid applying alcohol-based products to the face after shaving.


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