Tips To Deal With Jealousy In A Relationship

Deal with jealousy in a relationship

Deal with jealousy in a relationship Some say that love is patient; while for the others, love is the other name of jealousy. However, loving someone means being passionate, committed and trustful all at the same time.

Though, majority of the times people fall subjected to the uglier side of love. This uglier side involves over jealously and extra possessiveness.

If not dealt with properly this can cause huge bitterness and sometimes can even lead to physical assault and violence in relationships. Thus, if you have a jealous boyfriend/girlfriend; you must follow the tips given as follows in order to keep your relationship beautiful, healthy and long-lasting.

Ways To Deal With Jealousy In A Relationship

Be Patient And Kind

Possessiveness and jealousy are a genuine part of love; however, their overdose in any relationship is a clear indicator that your boy/girlfriend is unable to trust you. Thus, be kind to your partner and keep reminding him/her from time to time that your love is much more vast and deep for him/her than for any other friend of yours.

Make sure you define the limits of your friendship with your opposite gender friends. Devote enough time to your partner in order to keep his/her balls in your court and keep the jealousy factor in control always.

Evolve Mutual Trust

However, this is the easiest thing to say, but the hardest thing to do. Had your partner had enough trust in you and the strands of the relationship you both hold; he/she would have never been over-jealous. Thus, be positive and very strong in your mind.

It is a good act to give small and frequent surprises to your beloved, so that they feel wanted and loved in your life. Never avoid their calls and messages; instead, it is the best method to keep all other calls at a bay at nights and give all your time to your loved one. This is especially necessary, if you both share a long distance relationship.

Overcome jealousy in a relationship

Other than doing simple but romantic things that will make your partner feel wanted, it is even beneficial to keep reminding him/her of all those forgotten (but once spent) moments.

There is a special place that every person holds in life and involving your boyfriend/girlfriend in a gentle and loving discussion regarding the same can be really helpful (however, make sure that the discussion stays loving and warm and does not convert into an argument).

It is a very wise decision to make your partner feel that the place they hold cannot be given to any other person in your life. While ensuring that you are polite; it is highly motivating to develop an understanding that when your partner can have friends in opposite gender, similarly you can have such friendship relations in your life too.

Stop Flirting

Other than involving your loved one in a discussion regarding your friends, doing frequent stuffs for his/her happiness, taking his/her calls and messages; you need to stop one thing that might explode the volcano of severe anger i.e. flirting. Just like you might not enjoy your partner taking the pleasures of all the eye candies around; you need to understand that he/she too cannot resist the fact that you fool around and loiter with people in his/her absence.

Flirting is an art of expressing your interest in the person next to you and very truly, any man or woman would not enjoy their partners trying to gain undue attention of other people around. Thus, try being subtle and treat him/her like your only world.

Handle jealousy in a realtionship

If you really love your spouse and you can see your future with him/her, giving up your interest in other men/women shouldn’t be that hard a task for you. It would hardly fetch any pleasure for you in losing the person you love for the ones you just feel attracted to.

Thus, it is always important to be clear in your mind that he/she is the person you want to spend your entire life with. Your only interest in your boyfriend/girlfriend will leave no room of any jealously at all. It is fine if you flirt in order to tease your spouse, but make sure that you do not cross the line and lose the hard earned trust in a second.

However, if you have any second thoughts regarding your relationship, you must not play around with a bull after dressing up all in red. It can eventually harm you manifolds. Since broken heart causes immense pain (both physically and mentally); sometimes people become revenge freaks too, when hurt.

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Spend Quality Time With Your Boyfriend/girlfriend

Communication gap is the biggest loophole in any relationship and it proves even more disastrous, if you have a jealous and a possessive ‘next of kin’. In such a scenario, spending quality time with him/her is a very natural and sure shot method of gaining his/her trust.

Creating romantic moments will keep thoughts of mis-trust away from the mind of your partner. Allow the passion of your love grow higher and higher within the heart of your spouse and eventually, you will witness a change in their behavior as well.

Be true and honest to and share all the small and big things of your life with your beloved. Never leave a room that he/she would get to know anything about you and your life from someone else. Make him/her the first person living on the earth to know things about you.

Jealousy in a realtionship

A tip for yourself that can help you in coping up with the jealously element at times is, ‘learn to understand that jealousy in the eyes of your partner is just a reflection of his/her fear to lose you in life’. Once this much learnt, you will always see immense passionate love for you (a love that many other pray for in life, but never get) in the jealousy of your partner, and you will start enjoying it eventually.

All the above-mentioned tricks can largely help you in making your relationship strong. Trust might be lacking initially and jealously might be taking its place. But if you love someone to an extent that you cannot let the person go away, you must follow the above-mentioned things in order to make your love-life a living paradise and an un-sung and un-seen epic love saga.

Love is not a competition that you need to show anger and ego as well, if your boy/girlfriend does the same all the time. If you love him/her, there is no harm in being submissive and wiser. This will only nurture your relationship and eventually maturity will strike the immature doors of the heart of your spouse as well.

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