3 Tips To Cuddle Your Man

Tips To Cuddle Your Man

Tips To Cuddle Your Man

Cuddling is one of the sweetest ways of showing your love and affection for your loved one which may be a baby, a pet or your lover. Cuddling is a mutual way of loving each other by touching which may not be of sexual intent.

Cuddling cements the bonding, intimacy and affection between the partners and though it is believed that women are fonder of cuddling yet it can’t be denied that even men who frequently cuddle their partners are much happier and satisfied in their relationships! Cuddling is a nonverbal way of expressing and conveying how much you love and adore your partner and nobody can ever deny a cuddling act done to them.

Importance Of Cuddling In A Relationship

Cuddle Your Partner To Show Your Affection

Among the various essential aspects of a romantic relationship like love, trust, friendship, sex and so on cuddling also forms a necessary feature. This is because cuddling is a very sweet act where no sexual intent is involved; you simply cuddle your partner to show your affection which not only gives you satisfaction through expression but also makes your partner feel loved and cherished. Cuddling therefore adds sweetness to a relationship which can give immense mental satisfaction to both the man and woman.

Cuddling makes you feel relaxed and initiate communication between you and your partner. Cuddling can be indulged in when you are in a public place and both of you are feeling very much attracted to each other. However, at public places your movements have to be restricted and you can’t go beyond a certain decency level. Therefore, gentle cuddling can take care of the immense chemistry between you and your partner and the need to touch each other.

Ways Of Cuddling


Cuddling can be done through hugging, kissing, snuggling, necking, petting and fondling. You may give each other a relaxing massage or simply lie in each others’ arms. Both the man and the woman must be aware of how to cuddle their partner and also give it the required importance.

Tips To Cuddle Your Man

Lovely Feeling

Women must remember that cuddling is a natural liking for them but men are to be taught to feel the lovely feeling which they can get and also give through cuddling. Men have a protective nature towards their women and therefore you can begin simply by becoming his pet. Snuggle against him or lie on his chest which no man can deny giving his lover. Kiss him lightly on his neck and also hold him tight and he will return you the hug as well.

You can cuddle with your man anywhere; on the sofa, on the bed or the kitchen counter wherever you may feel comfortable. Men love to touch and be touched but it is up to you how you will make him understand the difference between cuddling and foreplay before sex as cuddling is best when it is without sexual intent. Sit close to him or even better on his lap and hold him around his neck or gently run your fingers through his hair.

He will enjoy the relaxing effect of your fingers and also your closeness to his body. You can do the other way round as well by placing his head on your lap while giving him a gentle head or shoulder massage. Keep rubbing his arms or simply run your fingers carelessly on his chest while watching a movie. Your man will surely love you for these and give you back much more!


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