Tips To Combat Stress

Combat Stress

Nowadays,stress has become a part of our daily lives.We plan to complete our daily schedule and even land up doing that,but at the cost of our health !! Even after we are done with our work,we feel very stressed out due to exhaustion and lack of energy,rather than feeling relaxed.

Here are some tips that will help us overcome stress and help us lead an improved holistic life style.

Ways to a healthy heart

It is a necessity to go out and jog daily,as it is considered the best cardio ‘work out’.This lessens the burden on the heart and improves the blood circulation in the body.Increased flow of ‘prana’ clears the blockages and helps in maintaining a heart as fit as a fiddle !!

This in turn,improves the longevity of the person and helps him lead a happy and glorious life.


One must practise repeated deep breathings and shavasana in the mornings on an empty stomach.This revitalizes the whole body and also catapultes the immune system.Revitalization of the whole body leads to deep relaxation.

While inhaling and exhaling the air,the person should be calm.This improves the vitality of the mind and also helps it to focus on the air getting inhaled and exhaled,which is truly beneficial to the whole body.

Laughter Therapy

Laughter therapy is a hilarious way to release oneself from stress.In this therapy,people are generally made to raise their hands up in the air and laugh out loud.This activity releases the feel good hormones in the brain called ‘endorphins’,which help the people, de – stress themselves and forget their miseries for a while.

Herbal Remedies

There are many good quality ayurvedic or herbal capsules available in the markets that are beneficial to the  brain,heart,lungs,kidneys, livers and the overall body.Some of these world renowned herbal capsules are Ashwagandha,Brahmi,Mentat and Triphala,etc that ensure protection from various illnesses.These capsules should be taken only under the consultation of a registered ayurvedic practitioner.

Positive Attitude

At last,but not the least,one should always have faith in God and have a positive attitude towards life.Only then,one can discover his real self and find true contentment in whatever he indulges in.Positive attitude is the ultimate guide to living peacefully and the same also promotes an aura of positive vibrations in the environment.If the environment flourishes,things will surely transform for the best !!

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