Tips To Color Your Hair At Home


Coloring hair has become a trend these days. Girls, even boys are running to the salon to have their hair colored. Do you know that you could easily color your hair at home? In that way you can save time and money very easily. Henna is a very popular among people when it comes to coloring hair at home as it is easy to prepare. But you can also use the chemical colors available in the stores. But while coloring your hair, there is every bit of possibility that you might make some mistakes. So if you are planning to color your hair at home, make sure you have these tips in mind.

First of all choose the right color that means go for the color that suits your skin tone. Before buying the pack, have a closer look at the color on the box. Read the instruction very carefully, and read it more than once so that you do not miss a point and make a mess of your beautiful locks.

Before applying the color on your hair, gather all the necessary things like pair of plastic gloves; they usually come along the color, old button down shirt, Vaseline, rag to wipe off the spill, a wide tooth comb, an old towel and a safety pin. You hair has to be clean, dry and free from any chemicals.

At first put on the shirt and put the towel around your neck with the safety pin. Now you are ready to begin. Now apply Vaseline on your skin, around the hairline so that the color does not harm your skin.

Now mix the color and the other ingredients according to the instructions. Use the comb to divide the hair into four different sections. Start by applying color to the roots and gradually work your way down. Keep piling your hair on the head as you color. And it is better to have some hair clips, so that you can pin your hair up. In that way the colored hair will not get mixed up with the hair that is not colored. Remember, if you have long hair, always prepare an extra kit. In that way you will not run out of color.

After you are done applying color to your hair, wait for it to dry. The instructions with the coloring kit will tell you how long you should have the color on. Usually it would not take more than 20-30 minutes, where as grays can take more time.

After you are done rinsing the hair, apply conditioner, but do not shampoo. Wait for 48 hours before you apply shampoo to your colored hair. In that way the color will last long.