Tips To Cheer Someone Up

tips to cheer someone up

tips to cheer someone up Who are you going to cheer up today? It is a gift to cheer someone up without looking to know the reasons. Our mind is filled with a treasure chest full of answers when it comes to questions like that how to cheer someone up.

The vibrant color of smile holds no shadows of darkness beneath. We all are the same. There would be moments of courage, insecurity, thoughts of being left alone and striving for success etc. in everybody’s life around. We are a part of collective knowledge and experience gathered by every one of us. Our lives would actually be incomplete and insignificant without the emergence of the thought of ‘doing it more than just for ourselves’.

The universal law suggests that you would also become cheerful when you try to cheer someone up. In a way, you are just acting selfish and like a needy person. Nonetheless, you are doing a good job by making sincere efforts to lighten-up somebody’s mood. Such emotional support provides tremendous amount of relief to the other person.

You need to listen to them patiently when they are explaining the whole situation as what had happened. When they start discussing with you, it lessens the amount of pain. There is a strange feeling that by sharing it with others, you can come out of the pain zone or lose the personal attachment with it. It is always advised to share the cause behind this painful and gloomy state of mind.

1. Make Them Talk More:

This is definitely going to bring a smile back on their faces. It helps to divert the attention to other things happening around in the world. It is the most effective technique as people would make their way out of the trouble by talking and laughing over things which make no sense at all. The idea is to make them laugh over here. You can cheer someone up simply by sharing few happy moments.

It is an interesting prospect to talk about things in a funny manner. There is ample amount of space provided to try such things out. The other person who is going through a bad phase does not require any form of sympathy from people around him/her. All he/she needs is to speak his or her mind out. Unless you make space for that, there is not much which is going to change here. You need to make them sit and talk so that they can feel a part of something more than just being stuck in sorrow. There are several ways to make the conversation more interesting.

2. Talk About Things Which They Were Not Expecting:

tips to cheer someone up

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When you want to cheer someone up, you need to come prepared with a surprise factor attached to it somewhere. When you behave unexpectedly, you are also giving them an opportunity to act differently. It is often said that a smile is contagious. Now, it is the time when you need to show that aspect of your personality. The fun element can provide immense delight to the other person who was looking for such an opportunity to break free.

3. Taking A Day Off From Work:

You should take them out. This technique always works without failing to secure desired results. There would be few signs of improvement when you take them out in the open air. It is only human to react similarly when people around you are looking honestly happy and working out to make it to the last. You can go out and watch a movie or enjoy food in your favorite restaurant.

There are several options available to choose from depending on the person. By taking them out for few hours, you are giving them an opportunity to spend some time away. The time spent out would re-energize them to focus on the responsible factors behind than looking at the problem alone. So, take them out and invest some time in a recreational activity to get back the much needed passion in life.

You can cheer someone up by thinking from your own perspective that what you would have done under similar conditions. Think of the other person just like your brother and best friend and you would not be short of creative ideas. You need to make a promise that you have enough supply of positive energy to make them feel happy once again straightaway.

4. Give An Honest Advice:

You can cheer someone up and still be honest with them. There is nothing that hurts more than by not telling the truth when it was required the most. Your honest opinion would not only help them to come out of the troubled state but also provide an inner-strength to do it for the sake of truth told.

We are deeply connected with one another. Our emotions are the same so we can understand the kind of uncomfortable position they are in. The only difference is that sometimes we do not see ourselves as the ones who can cheer-up others. We need to think along the lines that we need to cheer someone up because we want to see ourselves becoming cheerful in the process.

5. Buy Them A Beautiful Gift:

The other persons cannot hide the excitement when asked to close their eyes only to see the most beautiful gift ever to be presented to them afterwards. You can buy flowers again depending on the situation. It is not always about waiting for the occasion to come first and then to celebrate it later on. This is the biggest occasion in itself when you are looking to cheer someone up.

If any one of us is not feeling good, then it becomes the responsibility of the next person to talk to them and spread a cheerful environment around. The first line of action should be to bring them back to where they belong. The amount of time spent together working out on a solution would bring many more moments of joy in life. You can cheer someone up anytime, anywhere by listening to them properly.

Rajan Dhir